Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Late Night Clock-Altering

I believe the phrase is 'Spring Ahead, Fall Behind', or something like this? Now I understand why Autumn isn't used over here. Wouldn't be anywhere near as memorable. I've been spending the last few hours altering all the clocks and watches in the house. I think it's quite decent of me to give Jamie that extra little bit of sleep. Poor girl would have left an hour early and not found out until she got to work, otherwise.

I concluded an evening of disenchanting work with three films tonight, which is something I seldom do. However, the three films (Lucky # Slevin, Thank You For Smoking, Following) were interesting and I did enjoy the evening, but I also feel I could have done something more nifty with my time, if I'd really wanted to.

Still can't adjust to the fact Firefox will not remember any changes I make, I still get stuck with large icons and the bookmarks toolbar every time I start the browser up. No real time to deal with the issue. Recommendations? Uninstall/Reinstall job? Seems like I lost my bookmarks too, at some point. Can't recall where to find bits and pieces like that any more. I feel lost dealing with directories and such these days. Jamie would say this is a good thing.

I think I need to buy a cute little television.

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