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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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e-Icarus flew too close to the e-sun. End result: e-burnination.
Phoning Honey
Ox413X15: *sits next to you and stares at you*

A username I've ever seen before doing something relatively intense to introduce themselves. Hm.

Jusquun: I've never seen this username before... I'd guess a name but I don't want to offend if I'm wrong.
Ox413X15: i've never seen yours either.
Jusquun: Well, in that case it was good that I didn't guess, I wouldn't have done much good at all. But. In spite of "Who are you?" being a better question, I prefer "How are you?"

I feel the phrasing of that sentence came from watching too much V For Vendetta.

Ox413X15: ah
Ox413X15: you're sweet

A username I've never seen before that is flirting at me. Hmm. I ignore it.

Jusquun: I still didn't get the answer to how you were, though. Is it rude to ask how and who you are in one sentence?
Ox413X15: lol
Ox413X15: i'm fine.

Is this a sign of a sharp mind; a witty play on words, where she states that in terms of how she is, she's fine, and in terms of who she is, she's also fine? I have my opinion on the matter.

Ox413X15: you?
Jusquun: Not too bad. Just got back from work. Sitting around bored. How did you find this username if you've never seen it before, then?
Ox413X15: *shrug*
Jusquun: Hmm. So, you found this name out of nowhere with no questions of who I am and no statements about who you are...
Ox413X15: *shrug*
Jusquun: *scratches chin* ...I've never met a person like this before, I must admit.

Writing did nothing, so I tried to see if *actions* spoke louder than words.

Ox413X15: lol
Ox413X15: tell me about you.
Jusquun: And you'll respond with something about you?
Ox413X15: yes.
Ox413X15: equally as informative.

So, based on that response, and being an open book, I do. A nice long babbling paragraph or three because I'm going to cook something. First name, age, where I live, where I've lived, what I do as work, who I live with, what I'm making to eat. Favourite colour, special interests, and an AFK because I'm checking something in the oven.

Ox413X15: My name is spike, you can call me alexis.  I'm aged 21.  I live in Bally, Pennsylvania right now but I lived most of my life in New Jersey.  I work nowhere and live with my sister, so I have to cook by putting double whoppers in the microwave for a few minutes.  My life is boring. My favorite color is black, and I don't really have any special interests.  I'm going to turn the oven on and stick my head in it and hopefully kill myself.  K.

Loves black and threatening to stick zir head in the oven? Emolicious! So I write a few more paragraphs back in detail asking where zie lived in New Jersey. Maybe zie wanted me to flirt, or maybe zie wanted me to say zie shouldn't put zir head in an oven. Either way, zie got bored waiting for me to e-flirt back.

Ox413X15: jesus christ, you talk too much.
Ox413X15 signed off.
Jusquun: I do.
Previous message was not received by Ox413X15 because of error: User Ox413X15 is not available.

And shot down! I felt so proud!

So, there's an AIM name and a bit of a backstory to them. I wonder how much one could find out about this person. There's apparently nothing more fun than goading someone random, given that seemed to be their idea of a good time tonight.

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Can we all randomly IM this person and try to creep them out?

I wouldn't put up this relatively dull post if I didn't expect someone would try to say hi.

Or should I say HI OMG HOW R U?

No, really, I shouldn't say that again. Ever.

Next time I'm on, I'll just ask you to pull down your pants. So Jamie will wonder what you are doing

Why do they always come to you? What is it aboot you that draws in weirdos? I blame myself. I never warned you of the horrors that lurk on chat rooms. Being one myself I can relate^^

The mayor has spoken.

Have you ever spoken with anyone named Olene? Hyphen? Tapahini? Xiara? (Logical Disjunct, ircdcodergirl) Some of us have reason to believe that this Alexis/Spike person is yet another incarnation or someone else with her exact same mode of operation.

None of those names sound familiar. I don't natter so much online any more; but my name was apparently good enough to contact at that exact moment in time.

...mode of operation? Someone does this repeatedly? Hm.

I've spoken with both Tapahini, and Logical Disjunct, as well as this incarnation, all on AIM, and all times, I've been asked straightforward sexual questions. Bored kids? Psychological study? I need to sleep.

I just got IMed by this alexis person today. Kinda interesting.

Out of morbid curiosity, how did you find this post about this person? Just a google search for the person's name?

Yup, Google led me here. Only result for their screenname. if you're interested in our dialog...

Ox413X15: wake up. :(

Brad: who are you?

Ox413X15: i'm alexis.

Ox413X15: who are you?

Brad: i don't know but you know me i guess

Ox413X15: i don't really know you either.

Brad: then how'd you find me

Ox413X15: google.

Brad: dxm?

Brad: or how else?

Ox413X15: hmm?

Ox413X15: i dont remember.. it was a while ago.

Ox413X15: im bored.

Ox413X15: tell me about you.

Brad: i'm really tired unfortunately, you caught me at a bad time

Brad: any other time woulda been excellent but i'm too exhausted to talk much about myself

Ox413X15: aww

Ox413X15: *wraps her arms around you*

Ox413X15: its ok

Brad: you're interesting

Brad: you sure you don't know me?

Ox413X15: positive.

Brad: hm, ok.

Ox413X15: *holds you*

Ox413X15: you're mine.

Brad: am i?

Ox413X15: i dont know what your screenname means, but i love the fact that its so short.

Brad: well thanks

Brad: i guess

Ox413X15: :)

Ox413X15: if you don't wanna tell me about you, you can ask me about me

Brad: how old are you?

Ox413X15: 21.

Ox413X15: you?

Brad: 21

Brad: where you live?

Ox413X15: pennsylvania

Ox413X15: you?

Brad: southern california, los angeles

Ox413X15: :)

Brad: bally pennsylvania right?

Ox413X15: good googling.

Brad: yeah

Brad: it's a little weird

Brad: i get random messages sometimes

Brad: but usually from teenagers asking about drugs

Brad: whats with the spike thing? you a buffy fan?

Ox413X15: its my first name.

Brad: your parents thought spike was a female name?

Brad: i mean i guess it could be

Ox413X15: apparently.

Brad: that's interesting, unique at least

Brad: bally is a small town

Brad: really small

Ox413X15: mmhmm

Brad: wow that is so small you could actually know everyone who lives in it, or at least everyone could know you

Brad: is that tough?

Ox413X15: i don't know anyone else that lives here.

Brad: how is that even possible?

Ox413X15: i dunno.

Brad: how did you end up there?

Ox413X15: my sisters ex boyfriend lived here

Ox413X15: so she moved here

Ox413X15: and i moved in with her

Ox413X15: and then he left

Ox413X15: and now we're in the middle of nowhere

Brad: no shit that is the middle of nowhere

Brad: the police department really only has three officers?

Brad: that's incredible

Ox413X15: no clue.

Brad: i would live there for a year just to say i did

Brad: i went to a high school with 3x as many students as you have people in your town. sweet jesus!

Brad: how long ya been there?

Ox413X15: about 2 years

Brad: and you havent socialized with any of the natives?

Ox413X15: nope

Ox413X15: my ex lives about 20 minutes away

Ox413X15: but thats as close as i got

Ox413X15: anyway

Ox413X15: enough talk about me.

Ox413X15: tell me about you

Ox413X15: how you be so short?

Brad: what?

Ox413X15: lol nevermind

Ox413X15: a reference you clearly didn't get.

Brad: i guess so

Ox413X15: *lays her head on your chest*

Brad: you always pantomime so much closeness?

Ox413X15: only to those who i know will accept it.

Brad: interesting

Brad: i'm tired, this is lousy, being tired

Ox413X15: aww

Ox413X15: anything i can do?

Brad: do you have any shots of adrenaline you can give me?

Ox413X15: no.

Ox413X15: sorry.

Ox413X15: :/

Ox413X15: i can try to arrouse you.

Brad: that's a little odd but i guess i'm game

Ox413X15: well first, i need to know what you look like.

Brad: interesting. do you want pictures or something?

Ox413X15: yessir.

Brad: http://photo.staires.org/brroot go nuts

Ox413X15: you look very...

Ox413X15: much like the capital letter I.

Brad: that's something

Ox413X15: ill brb

After a few mins I set myself away and went to bed. Haven't heard from her since.

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