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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Our two-month free trial with AOL expires tomorrow, meaning I have to cancel it tonight.

So. Might not be around here for a while, which isn't such a major issue as I've not been around much anyway.

Got to resort to relying on the public library. Could be a bit of a disaster.

Merry Christmas and all that!

Wow. I nearly went a whole month without posting. Dialup really stints any interest in typing things online, I guess.

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It was alright :P

January's going better, though. Yay New Year!

Merry Christmas, sir! Hopefully there will be no further scarf antics in the library. ;)

I hope for more scarves. In fact, I like the idea of a green/forest green combo. Colours I never wear. I think it'd do me the world of good to have those colours in an accessory, of sorts.

I am oft tempted to learn how to knit, as something to do. But I'm too young for that. But I'll probably end up with CTS from all the typing, so maybe now's a good time to start.

Merry Christmas to you too! I'm told that if you call AOL and tell them you want to cancel, they're very inclined to give you a free month every time. So much so you can do that every month. At least, that's how it used to be...

This is a good idea I've not got the balls for, given it's not my account. Still, I can handle the charge so long as I overuse the system enough that AOL is probably losing out, as a result of my using their connection.

I suck for not responding to this - I got lazy with LJ for quite a while. I had a good time and I hope your foot is recovering!

Hope the icon isn't too tongue-in-cheek.

Very naughty. You're lucky you're so adorable.

No, I'm lucky you're so adorable. I would have expected a backlash from other people I know, if I'd said such a thing to them.

Also: two seductive icons in a row? I can't complain at that.

Wasn't there something cheapish that came out a while back? Net Zero... if it's still around. I'm fairly sure it was only $10/month and wasn't dial-up. Could be worth a shot =P

Correction: It *is* dial up... but allegedly a "high speed one."


Ah well, I think we can handle what we've got for now. But it's a good idea for future moves! Thank you!

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