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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Proud Virgin...
Rod Hull Needs Jelly
...Cellphone Owner. Virgin Mobile have fabulous offers for people who don't use cellphones much (i.e. me) and currently offer a deal that means they are effectively paying me to take their cellphone, what with the paid time they give you for free. I wonder which friend of mine might take the cellphone's text-receiving/call-receiving virginity, as it were.

And then I got a wonderful telephone number too. 253-468-1470. I love that telephone number. It's one of the few numbers I've ever heard and gone 'Yep, I can remember that.' It's easy. Area code, numbers around the 5, and all the numbers down the left side of a telephone, ending in 0.

Anyway! Yes, send messages and harass me if so desired. I would appreciate anything from anyone. But I don't like the US system where one pays to receive and read a text message. The UK method of paying more to send and nothing to receive, is a far better structure for it all.

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Bleah. My first cellphone number was a similar collection of random numbers. On a friend's advice I called to have it changed. Welcome to the evils of cellular technology!

I really like this number, though. It's a whole load of mathematical patternation. It's the second or third best phone number I've ever had. The best ones were in England. 482-3582 and 650-615. So easy to remember.

468. Just even numbers after 2; just numbers around 5 ignoring 2.
1470. A pattern that goes up in threes if you ignore the 1 in 10; a straight line down the left-hand-side of the phone.

Jamie's set to get her phone number when she gets it all set up. If she gets a terrible number I'll encourage her to ask for it to be changed.

Ah, I see. First I thought you were talking about some mathematics patterns, like your phone number happened to be the square root of pi or something. Okay, that's pretty neat.

Are you a visual learner? I'm guessing so from your description of how you remember the number.

I would remember it as being "2 from 5 is 3/even numbers 4-8/14 divided by 2 is 7 with no remainder."

Anyway, no point to this.

Typically I remember things mathematically; I love to play with numbers. I remembered our 253 area code in the manner you put here.

But in this instance, it's easier for me to remember my number in a visual context because I had to type the number in to get the phone working. Formulaic patterns with numbers didn't come into my head the first time around. It's a number that is easier to type on a phone than on a computer, using either the top row of keys or the number pad.

Let the madness commence.

Madness would indeed commence once I start getting messages. It appears that when people send me text messages saying "HELLO I SENT YOU A MESSAGE" they forget to tell me who they are.

Hm, I would think caller id tells you who they are...

Well, I get a number but I don't know how to link a number to a state and henceforth who this person might be. I be lazy.

You pay to RECEIVE a message?! Thats fucked up!

Yeah, but at least the way that money is, it means I'm sending a text for 3p.

For most telephone programs over here, you pay for your calls and for your received calls. I'm not 100% on it, but I might have to pay money when someone calls me.

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