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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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A Turn Up For The Books
I was given a PlayStation 2 yesterday. Without a controller and without accurate knowledge of how well the system works, but a PS2 nonetheless. I don't understand.

But I am now bored beyond belief. I thought people might be at home by the time I returned home from work at 10. I was wrong. So I spent an evening refreshing webpages and looking through the history of PS2 games to look into. Recommendations would be appreciated as I have always had a tendency to ignore Sony's systems, to some extent. Though I was becoming very curious with the PSP for it was starting to have quirky game concepts appear on it. The PS2 games I'm most curious of are the games which I never got to try while I lived in England.

So, to try and most likely acquire:
The Katamari Damacy series.
Shadow of the Colossus.
Ape Escape 3.
Soul Calibur 3.

Curious of:
Ratchet & Clank variants - I enjoyed bits of the first two games.
Sly Cooper & variants - I enjoyed what I got to play of the first.
Arcade-y golf game? - I enjoy playing those types of games to relax.
Bully - just because I want to play a Rockstar game without the killing.
Micro Machines v4 - for nostalgia's sake, but I fear it's awful.
Metal Gear Solid 3 - but I am awful at sneaking games.
Mercury Meltdown Remix - but I sense the PSP version is better.
Lumines - again, I sense the PSP version is better.

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1. katamari is amazing.
2. same with shadow of the colossus, just breathtaking.
3. i haven't played it through yet, but okami is also fantastic.

those would be the three i'd recommend to you for the ps2. and guitar hero. :)

I have Me & My Katamari on PSP out of nowhere. HUNGH?

But, yeah, I'll snap those fuckers up when I get the cash for a PS2 organised.

Bully is nice enough, although I've only played a few hours so far. Kingdom Hearts II grabbed my attention, and hasn't yet let go. I've been playing Micro Machines V4. And it's.. alright.

Other good PS2 stuff: Genji. Stunning-looking, and with a lovely combat system. Killer7 is stylish and confusing, but worth checking out.

Hmmm, I'm sure there's more good stuff, but I can't think.. Oh, you might want to check out Magic Pengel, being as you're in America, and all. I never got to play it.

Micro Machines is alright, eh? Any level editor? What kind of customising does it have? Surely it's got to do a bit of something, aye?

Magic Pengel is too hard to just find anywhere. Ah well!

It does have a level editor, yes. From all indications, though, it's pretty rubbish. You basically start with an unchangeable environment, and you connect a series of preset checkpoints to make your track. Obviously, the possibilities are pretty limited. There's no other customisation, either, although there are 750 cars. Most of those are just different colours of the same model, though. For shame!

Metal Gear Solid 3 has that weird MGS thing where the hardest part of the game is right at the start. The nice thing about MGS is that, if you really can't manage some section, you can always use speed-run videos to help you plot out a good route. For MGS3, I think there's even videos designed to be beginner-friendly, showing an easy way to, say, achieve a no-kill game. You'd THINK the lack of radar would be crippling, but in fact you're given some decent alternatives. And the maps tend to be much, much more open. And, heck, you can actually fight your way out of alerts rather easily now. Probably the easiest of the three.

Okami is... Zelda. Except you use gestures instead of tools, which is neat. And the combat is influenced by Viewtiful Joe. Great visuals. Excellent pacing. And most realistic portrayal of Taoists in any video game, ever. It's a lot less... original than Shadow of the Colossus... I'd get SotC first. I'd put SotC and Katamari on about the same level, just depending on whether you feel like a [pure awesomeness / sobering] experience or a total glee (with maybe motes of frustration if you care about maximizing your score) experience.

Well, I'll take that MGS3 input and probably acquire it, then. I don't think I've got any other option in terms of something that'll engross me without it being an RPG. I like the option of picking a fight sometimes: my sneaking talents are limited solely to the methods appreciated by Ape Escape, and more recently Burger King's offering of Sneak King.

Okami sounds like what I need if I have to deal with an RPG. Yes, Twilight Princess should be what I get, but that's going to cost a load for a long time. Maybe when Gamestop does Buy 2 Used Games Get 1 Free, I'll consider it.

Shadow of the Colossus also sounds like a dream game idea to me, insofar as if I didn't want to crush a giant, I could just traverse around a gorgeous, if sparse, world. Is that fair to say?

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