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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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100 Things We Didn't Know Last Year

For some reason, the Internet distracted me and I found this page of useless facts very entertaining or interesting.

Now. Questions for people. The gap between Spring Term and Summer Term is typically 20 March to 20 April, from a few quick searches.

Does anyone in England that might want to meet me potentially have any time between 20 March-20 April off?

I'm tempted to fly as early as possible after the break occurs to try to get things done while people aren't cramming for the next term. I'm also set to be sleeping in a house alone - my family are travelling themselves on the 24th March for two weeks. Alternative plan is to wait until they return and leave a lot later - 6th of April to the 20th? It'd mean having my birthday in England. I don't think I could organise a party in such a short period of time, however.

Which websites are good for showing you flexible pricing around the days you might want to fly, showing the cheapest flight in a block of a few days/a week? Expedia was awful.

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I would love to meet up if you're around in England and you want to. ♥

That'd be very nice. I want to meet lots of people and hear stories. When I get closer to the time, I'll steal everyone's telephone numbers and organise things better. Hell, I still need to buy my tickets. I'm really lazy for this whole thing.

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