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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Cos Soulmates Never Die
Grumble grumble.
Isn't it wonderful to blare music when you're home alone? I have headphones connected to the laptop and am listening to music as loudly as I can without my eardrums dying. Real 11 stuff. And I keep singing along to these songs, sometimes as loudly as the song plays. It's a good thing I'm home alone for that. I'd feel sorry for anyone that'd have to listen to my contemptable lack of singing talent. Monotone is the British way.

If only I had a camera lying around amongst the crap in this bedroom. I feel better about myself after a cold shower and want to show pictures of what would be considered 'fashionable' in my mind. Though the hairstyle could probably be better. The initial plan was to go for a drink and a grilled cheese sandwich n'avec pas vous, as it were. But I would have looked like a drowned rat when I got there, so that plan was notched as nitched. When I feel like it, there's burgers and cheese and buns and I can make quite a jolly meal. I never feel like cooking, though. Which is dangerous as I don't have enough money to go ordering food in all the time. But I keep on tempting myslef into calling up a local delivery service. Not at 1 AM, you understand.

I eventually found a camera but it has no charge to it and the charger is inevitably in another pile of junk in this bedroom. I gave up at that point, and fed the cats. In feeding the cats I lost the camera again, but without a charge or a charger it's not so vital to find it again. But I was happy with how I looked. I dressed up and had nowhere to go.


I only have one or two particular items I wear when I feel dressed up. I should get a better wardrobe.

Whenever I move, all I take with me are clothes. Some of these clothes I own do not deserve to have been in two continents. The geek in me does enjoy the gaming-relating t-shirts I own, and the purist in me loves the plain-coloured t-shirts that go with jeans and sneakers. However, I want to be able to cause a jaw to drop when I go back to England, or an old friend sees me for the first time in an age. And I don't want their reaction to be from my hairstyle. It's past the shoulders and going and I have no idea when it'll get the chop. Every time I consider it, I wait for something else to come along. For now, it's letting my family back in England get amused by how girly it looks, and how I've got my lovely curls back, as Nan will say.

I have great ideas for photographs with this long hair. Again: camera, charger, grumble, grumble.

I love that feeling when a song is over but your ears are still ringing from it, and as they adjust and get close to being back to normal, the music starts up again. This is why I should go out and listen to more music. Why I don't is only part of why I'm stuck all dressed up with nowhere to go.

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These video game shirts are great! I'm just happy that theres a way to let people know "I am an old school gamer".

As for the music, your talking to a guy that got hit by a lorry because his mp3 player was too loud.

Sorry, but im cutting your hair when you get back. Wont be hard to miss, i'm the tall black guy with the scissors lol

I have found more fun tshirts since I've been here, but have stopped myself buying most of them, somehow. But I have been going after the nifty gadgetry. I do own a PSP somehow. It's like the Xbox situation all over again - after hating it, I somehow have one. It's just how life goes.

I'll let you cut it if you do a good job of it. I should get it cut eventually, and I like the sound of the price you'd charge.

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