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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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That Extra Step That Wasn't There
Life Blurs
Jamie's cat, Hobbes, was hit by a car a few days ago, and passed away pretty much instantaneously. She's not dealt with the news so well, as you'd expect with something so final, especially as she wasn't at the house on the morning when it happened. She wants him cremated, but I've no idea what direction she has to look towards and what price to expect on this.

I need to get into something to get me wanting to go outside. It's a nice enough day, besides the four plus inches of snow we've got outside (I like snow when I have shoes that won't absorb the snow) but what am I going to do with it? From where I live, not too much. Take a shower. Look for bits and pieces. Make a relatively nice meal. Wait for another day of work. So, I'm looking into a good digital camera of my own and a good memory card for the future. I have got my own credit card now, which I'm going to throw this on when I choose something. With that, there's no more treats for me in the near future. This is my obligation to fix now. Still, six months of interest free time can't hurt. And it'll compare to the price of the cremation, when that gets organised. Then I have a reason to go outside - ah, the joys of photography.

Once winter passes something needs to happen here. I am excited for that change. But for now, it's just taking life step by step. I'm not ready for one of those wild charges into the unknown just yet.

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I read about Hobbes, very sad to hear. Tell J sorry.

Make sure you take loads of pictures when you get it. You and J need to check your e mails (hint hint). Oh, i'm also on my space now (dont fucking start^^) look me up, feel free to abuse.

I tried looking you up, but couldn't find you! What's the myspace link?

Its been sent. You and that pile of hair you call a husband have been personally invited to pester the mayor.

I'm far more than a pile of hair. I have bones too. Somewhere.

I'm sorry to hear about Jamie's cat :( I hope you manage to find someone to cremate him. ♥

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