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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The Founding Of The Greeb
Standard Deviation
Mearnie moons ago, we sought
As founders of our noble Greeb
To smurch the souls of sentry drones
And coarsely snickled o'er their prone
And disillusioned selves.

The noble Greeb, thou noblest Greeb
Your sole survival paramount
Twixt twined and murky plans amended
Recollecting souls suspended
Snickled, smurched and snatched!

Froud enemies are primitive and fools
Who follow nobody we trust
The Loupis, Remur and Jappord
Are mocked, chaleemed and hence ignored
By noble founders we.

O Greeb, your stalfour nature shines
Like hazy dew on rizened novalaise
And we will not tastille our heart
We'll tear those bundychamps apart!
Smurched we'll see them be.

Calcule your own misole moralities!
The rifest time, our gay suntumnal days
When all ends, we'll perchime adieu
The jecklest state - pour moi et tu
The Greeb bestems you free!

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I still like this a lot. Stoned or not :P

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