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In other worlds, in other words?

There's a voyeuristic charm to picking up a memory card from a pawn store to use on the PSP I got, and find a personality left on the memory card. Photography and wallpapers and music to stare at and be bemused at it. The memory card used to belong to an attractive Asian girl who was old enough to go into bars. She enjoyed the company of two friends who had hair that was stimulated by balloons before any shots. The static would have literally crackled amongst the group.

The music stored on there was primarily from 80s, with remixes of Michael Jackson songs populating what would be considered modern music, alongside old Travis songs. Andy Gibb was the premier artist of this person, being featured as the singer for at least six songs. I didn't even know he did solo stuff. I enjoy knowing there is someone that enjoyed listening to Car Wash, Disco Inferno and Hot Stuff - one song after the other.

Time to format this memory card! Well, besides the occasional hair-static picture that'll entertain for the future. It'll remind me how my hair could end up if I don't pay attention to it.

Tomorrow I have a day off. I want to make the most of this day, but the weather's set to get worse again - more snow expected for tomorrow. I will try to bother someone into going to warm places with them. I'm also afraid that anyone that wants to visit Tacoma and likes a bit of mini-golf has got quite a challenge in store. My course record was a total of 47 - only 6 over for the round - and this is quite a difficult score to try to compete against, once you see the course at hand. But all are welcome to enjoy a game with me and try.

I should have bought a compendium of card games when I had the chance to buy things in Seattle, a few days ago. I appreciate those types of books and the ideas one can find in there. Ach, for these cold days I have plenty of vices. In my backpack I carry playing cards and games consoles and a pad and paper. All manner of treats for keeping myself, or others, entertained. I always try to keep other people entertained whenever I can.

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