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Well, as something to do to stem some time between the washing of clothes and the flaking out towards friends in Tacoma, and to give me a starting point for the photography I'm set to start taking with the new toy, I uploaded a whole bundle of pictures into my Scrapbook section of Livejournal. I'd appreciate any comments or opinions, after how long that took, and ideas for themes to continue with, with the new camera.

I had an old journal I made for the possibility of uploading a picture a day. Timewise I don't know if I've got that - dialup makes it far harder, but any method that doesn't leave a machine turned on all day takes minutes from each day. Maybe seven pictures in a week, to account for slow days too. Maybe that's a better idea. Seven's not too large a number in terms of uploading/downloading time, even on dialup. Hmm. Maybe.

I concede that I know I took most of these pictures but I can't remember for sure if I took them all - seeing as I'd occasionally steal the camera away from Jamie, I don't know if maybe I'm getting a picture I took mixed up with a picture she took. Well, except for the fact that anything in the section relating to me was almost certainly taken by Jamie. I don't know if I can take candid shots of myself. I can't do that MySpace posed shot (looking up at the camera above my head). Saying that, there's this picture on my icon - I still need to find the original of it, resize it and put up there, if I can. Wavy hair good.

I also read through many manuals to pass the time today. I now know how to use most of the features of a PSP, found a mute button I didn't know of, and found out eating the memory stick is bad. I also have some more comprehension towards my new camera, but I'm definitely needing some real practical work with it over reading a book about what is a good thing to do.

I also found out the cheapest flight to get me to Britain. However, I am sure it's going to conflict with when our manager wants to take his deserved days off, and I may be stuck. Still, some sort of compromise can surely be worked out. If I can negotiate well enough, it could mean he takes his breaks earlier, which would allow me to work like a demon up until CJ's visit and my visit to England, which would help the finances for when I go.

And then April is set to be the month of organising where the hell I move to, once the lease runs out with this place and we all go our separate ways. Logistically, the time I leave for my trip is stupid in many reasons, but it's the best chance to meet friends. It's the only reason I picked that time.

If I were to fly between March 20 and April 1, would you be able to find at least one day to do something with me? I concede this means you might have to travel to London to meet me - after spending as much as I will on the flight, extra trips to anywhere beyond London seems a trifle difficult financially.

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