Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Why so specific?

I wish there was a website that would let me enter that I'd like to just go when it's cheapest. I have no care of when in the month or what time in the day or how many days I want to go for. I just want to go and come back. Ah, maybe I just need to go somewhere with a fast connection and abuse the hell out of it until I find the flights I need. Every possible ramification takes a while, though.

How hard can it be? Seattle to London. I should call telephone desks instead, they might be able to mess around with the dates and times a little better than online sites manage. I'm just tired of the same old websites and the same overpriced tickets.

Actually, I have to ensure I arrive at least a few days before the 24th, as this is when Mum and Cliff may leave for a trip to India and I have to say hello to them. When I leave is still as vague as I want to go. Probably getting back here before the end of March is a good plan.

I wish I'd just got that $512 deal while it was there. Best I can see now verges around $600 around times I didn't want to go. But if I've got to pay more, I'm at least taking a flight which splits at an interesting part of the world. Vancouver, perhaps. I could say I spent a few hours in Canada, and notch another country onto my list of visited places.

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