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Guess what? I got a fever!

And cowbell doesn't seem to be doing much for me, either.

It started Saturday morning. A couple of other people in the household picked up sniffles which led to full-out fevers with the lying in bed and resting and recuperating. My fever probably wasn't helped by waking up at an unusual time and working a morning shift, something I do infrequently enough that it throws my body a little off every time. The fever got worse as the day progressed, and I was a stumbling mess at 4 in the afternoon, and left work an hour early after having drained all the concentration and balance I had left in me. I got a lift home, and as soon as I got back home and I threw myself into bed, the fun started.

I've heard how starving or feeding a fever can help but typically believe that to be nonsense. However, I was unable to handle food so apparently went through starving the fever first of all. Which led to... hallucinations!

I've never hallucinated before but it was one of the most strangely comforting things to happen, given minutes before I was shivering and coughing incessantly. I zoned out and found myself looking inside my head, which was cluttered and filled with cardboard boxes. I was told by an entrepreneurial type that I had to ship out some of these boxes and tidy up the rest of it. Cue talks on cellphones almost like I was wearing as a stockbroker, and getting boxes moved around and having people I used to know coming along to pick up boxes. By the end of it all, I was a "shivering, sweating mess with a clear mind", and was proud of my clearly organised head.

Alas, my head didn't feel clear. It felt like there's a build-up of fluid which is making my balance off by a large amount. I'm stumbling around the house on all fours sometimes. I think I could handle work once I got there, with enough breaks, but the half-hour walk there with traffic along every road I walk frightens me. Especially at the very beginning of the trip, where I walk across a bridge with a hundred foot drop. Never thought of it like that before, but this imagine of woozily losing my balance and flying over the edge doesn't sound improbable. Maybe I'll shuffle on all fours along the bridge. That'll keep me safer.

I know other things happened. Something involving a wolf swimming across water and me clinging to it because I was drowning beforehand, and something involving how I couldn't sleep on a pillow with square corners and sharp edges in case I cut my neck open (cue sleeping on a rather warm hot water bottle until the searing pain woke me up enough to stop that). My bed looks like I'd writhed and repositioned myself over every inch of it.

I also found at one point I had thrown extra layers over me and wasn't making my sweating situation any better. At that point I felt like I was going to faint, and was lucky other people came in to offer me water - I couldn't make it to the kitchen to get myself a drink. At another point I found I'd managed to take my pajama bottoms off and reversed them, so I had them on back-to-front. It took me until this afternoon to notice and sort that out.

I've also lost all concept of time. Last night when the fever was at its worst, I felt I was asleep or dazed for half the night. A check on my watch and I hadn't even reached 10 PM, and had to deal with that needing to sleep but being too ill to be tired any more. At this point, I got it into my head that I had to try to throw up an exact amount to get myself tired (and therefore) better. Whether it was just that hacking-wheezing or actually managing it, I counted out and managed to reach that number.

I feel absolutely shattered but am trying to hang on until at least 11 before bed, but sense if I try this I'm just going to be too tired to sleep again. But the alternative is sleeping now and waking up at 5 with nothing much to do past shivering and coughing more. I think work's a bit of a stretch for tomorrow, but we'll see. Worst thing I can do is infect the managers. I don't want to be accused of knocking out our workforce.

Ah, for free medical services. Sure, it'd take an age to get organised and maybe I'd be healthy before I'd get to visit the GP, but the free price versus the several hundred dollars for a consultation plus medicine is definitely something I can appreciate.

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