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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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It's not for you! No, no - it's at you, my friend.
I just deleted a post talking about how I was industrious and uploaded lots of new photos. I got lots of positive comments, and thank you to every person who left me a message, I adore you for it. But it was in my best interests to delete this post nonetheless.

I created a photography-based journal where I'll show these pictures off. It'll get me consistently working on something I should practice further, and maybe permeate its way across into making me write more often. But I'm not going to force myself into writing: my life isn't interesting enough often enough at the moment. However, the area's beautiful enough to find some charm to it wherever I look, for sure.

The name of this photo journal is picatyou. I will have a formula to the journal - each post will have a title, a solitary picture, and an approximate drabblesworth of writing to go with it. My goal is to post approximately five photos a week, but never more than one picture a day. With this formula, I can vary the subjects shown from day to day, and also get comments and critiques especially aimed at that one photograph, or maybe even the writing if I get into that side of things too. Who knows how these things will snowball?

I hope you enjoy this new journal as much as I'm set to enjoy this project.