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Salutations, visitations.

I shouldn't have done it, but I enjoyed packing for a vacation at the last chance possible. It left me more determined and more picky on what I needed to bring along. But a two-week trip using just one suitcase full of clothes? It'll be fun trying to get all the junk food I need to buy back to America. Maybe I'll have a silly little bag as a 2nd piece of luggage.

I felt guilty when I realised how few presents I'd got for my family since I've been over here. When I find more money, perhaps that can change. Perhaps I'm traditionally a person who just can't remember someone when they're out of sight. I think it's more that if I'm working on something, I try as hard as the other person wants to. So for most people in this area, that creates a sense of lethargy as potential meetings are flaked out of by them. From that, I lose the ability to do much. Likewise, without hearing much from some people in the family, there's a sense of distance. I do believe that some family members had given me an awful lot for Christmas when I've got nothing to offer them in return because of how my mind operates. I get money, they get Twizzlers.

Speaking of presents, I can't believe how many things I might need to bring back. I'm not very good at remembering these things. It's always an odd mixture of junk food, alongside shot glasses and t-shirts. Overpriced tourist tat. Especially with the strength of the pound. I'm going to enjoy bringing the scraps of English money back, see what it converts to, see how much it can knock credit cards bills down to.

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