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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I am enjoying my time in England.

I've been able to buy plenty of stand-up comedy and DVDs I can't find in America.
I've been able to interact with a friend every day.
I've been able to enjoy a random family member's company every day also.
I've been able to consume Peperamis again.

This vacation has worked out to be just long enough to be filled with lots of things to do. I've not had a day of panic-stricken cramming, nor a day without opportunities. But any longer and I definitely wouldn't find a place to live when I return to Tacoma just before April. Truth be told, my initial attempts from over here haven't been going so well anyway. It's hard to find a place from another continent, harder still to find a roomie in the area I need to be in.

We'll see. At least I could have enough DVDs to make a crude kennel, if need be.

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I am going to start looking for you, too. I was going to email you tonight to let you know. We will find something. I will never ever let you be stuck out on your own.

I still hope I can meet you! :( If not, next time...

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