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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Good, Bad & Ugly Of England.
1. Seeing my friends and family all over again, and adoring their company.
2. Peperamis.
3. Selling my US games not yet available in the UK, doubling their value.
4. Burger King "King Fries". They are more crisp and therefore better.
5. The caramel donuts you can buy in Camden Market. So greasy, so good.
6. Being reminded of Simon Quinlank all over again via YouTube.
7. Finding a Peep Show Series 1-3 boxset online.
8. Twiglets & Turkey Slices. What a horrible combination.
9. PSP snooker and football management games being available in the UK.
10. Top Gear. Didn't see that coming, but very entertaining late night entertainment.

1. With £1=$2, everything costing too much to buy.
2. Not being able to find enough time for all my friends and family.
3. My bedroom being converted to a music room filled with confederate flags.
4. Paying over the odds for PSP games I can't buy in America.
5. Grey skies making photo-taking ridiculously hard.
6. My Nan complaining about... well, everything.
7. The over-carbonation of sodas, whilst also tasting saccharine.
8. Not saying my goodbyes to some people. Again.
9. The poorly-written newspapers I saw too many people reading.
10. I'm only going to get four hours of sleep tonight.

1. Renault Meganes.

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Top Gear is one of those things that has no right in being as good as it is.

It is also one of those things where grown men cut cars in half to make limos out of them, play conckers with caravans, and try to blast reliant robins into space.

I'm not even interesting in cars, and it's still one of my favourite shows lately.

those donuts from Camden are so good.. you just totally reminded me of them. Bring some back and send them to me...lol!

My life's really shitty brown. I am hoping yours is far better. You deserve it.

I am nervous of why things are so tough for you, but you're not the type to let things get the better of you, you've always been ready to fight for what you wanted. As for who deserves a better life, why's this a contest? We'll both be fine and you know that to be true, it just takes time when we've got things to fix first of all.

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