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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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In A Spot Of Bother.
Long Story Short: I need to find a place to stay in around this area by April 1. Either as a short stay while I find a place or as a room-mate to anyone in the Tacoma area.

Long Story Long: Our lease runs out on April 1. Plan A seems less likely to occur due to circumstances beyond my control. The friend I wanted to move with has to deal with a serious problem that costs the money they'd use to move into a place with me.

So, I have to find a Plan B. I was doing some searching but all the places I'd shortlisted were all taken by the time I got back to the US. So I hoped some Tacoma people might know of places to stay, or friends who need a room-mate, or something like that. I also hoped some people who've tried to find places at short notice might be able to give me advice.

I have the money to pay deposits, and have a vague area I can move to given there's a good set of bus lines around here. I just need to find a place and/or a not-crazy-person to share a place with.

So. Any advice? Besides the fact I shouldn't have gone to visit England with this looming, yes. England was enjoyable, though. Once I get some things organised (such as the life) I'll show pictures of my grandmother looking like a goblin and everything!

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So... You have two days to find a place? Good luck!
Have you tried craigslist?

Well, two days before we leave here. But there is a chance I've got a place to use very short-term to find myself somewhere else, and I can borrow one of those storage-y brick-like facilities for my bed etc for a little while. But yeah, two days isn't anywhere near enough. If I knew this was going to turn out like this, I wouldn't have booked the flights for when I did months ago. But at least I didn't go for my original date which meant I'd have not returned from England until early April and would have had to pay a whole month's rent to myself just to get myself out.

Worst thing is that I expect I'll end up trying anything, even simply renting a room over a whole place, which makes me feel cautious. It's fair to say there's a few crazy people in this area.

Still, I have numbers and most places will be trying to get anyone in from the 1st, so I've got to be hopeful that if I've got to find a place, the end of the month is the right time for it.

Hmmm... I don't know anyone in Tacoma anymore. I used to have friends that went to PLU there but they have since moved. I would try craigslist and I would try the PLU website and see if they have any kind of roommate finder for students... yea, I know your not a student but you might be able to find some stuff that way.

Worse case scenario... there's the option of a cheap ass hotel for a week or two when you get back to buy time to find a place. It's a bit spendy and a lot trashy... but it's a roof over your head.

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