Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

New Circumstances

I'm settling into a new part of Tacoma, way more downtown than I expected. For the Tacoma-citizens: I'm on 6th & MLK, apparently a bad part of town, but even if it is, it's seconds from the bus stop and if I hide indoors the bad things will keep themselves away. From what I see, it's just more of a nuisance-y spot with beggars and obnoxious people, but I concede I don't intend to go late-night shopping like I used to do uptown.

It's a cheap place and a pretty place, but the negatives are that it has a silly kitchen (which I can handle) and a view of construction work going on (again, I sleep through this and handle it fine).

Beyond that, I'm okay. My birthday went well, my family gave me enough money to get myself out of the debts that started up when Jamie and I split. I still have some money left over which I have been told is for a laptop and a laptop only. My Nan gave me the majority of this money and told me she was going to buy me one in England until I explained how much more prudent it was for me to buy the laptop over here, where the components are cheaper and the money weaker.

All I have to do is unpack a few more clothes, get some real shopping into the household and get the utilities organised (oh, and taxes) and I'm all set to get on with life.
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