Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

I Like It When People Like The Films I Like

You may or may not know this about me, but I do enjoy the chance to walk. I am now sitting in Tacoma's Public Library with the shiny new laptop (slightly nervous it may be stolen, but let's enjoy what I've got while it lasts) and am typing away on a nice clacky keyboard.

I really am treating myself with the money my family gave me for my birthday. This laptop and a Nintendo Wii were the two primary presents I now possess. Eventually I'll get round to configuring some wireless access from my household but it's a nice April day; it's a little blustery but perfect in temperature when the wind calms. I always enjoy Aprils as a sign of a new beginning - the year really begins here, now I can get out of the household without fears of getting soaked, and the sun's always around a little more these days. Because I'm being more social I keep bumping into friends in places I didn't expect to. I had a wonderful evening after randomly bumping into someone, minutes before this I was sending them a message on MySpace hoping we'd meet up. I also seem to have become less of a lightweight for the drinking - varied forms of beers and sweet sickly things and I woke up without troubles.

Now, to start finding all the old programs I used to enjoy using. Winamp, DVD playing programs that can be set to be region free, MP3 creators, some more advanced form of Paint (GIMP is still numero uno in that capacity, in terms of being free, right?)

Anyway! Hope you're all doing well. I'll catch up eventually.

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