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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The Status of Dean Is The Stasis Of Dean
An Honest Mess
Last night, I slept like a rotisserie chicken.

I've picked up a little bit of a fever, it appears. I am lucky that I was not scheduled to work this crazy-busy Sunday, and am instead sitting in a coffee house with bottled water and major sniffles. It gets me out of the house and prevents me from feeling sorry for myself, at least.

I have a list of keygens to find and a few codes to make DVD players region-free, so all should be well in the near future in terms of being totally comfortable with my new laptop. The last stage I have to tinker with that's unprecedented is that my DVD drive doesn't like the way Region 2 DVDs put their sectors together. It doesn't mean anything to me, but a few websites later, I should be knowledgeable enough to fix this problem.

I decided that I wanted to take a picture of myself in clothes I didn't buy to show off in. I had to wear gifts or hand-me-downs or work clothes. That kind of stuff. I wanted to feel comfortable again in whatever I wore, and this stemmed from something a week ago. I met up with a good friend and they introduced me to several people, one especially seemed caught by one of my eyes. She was energetic, friendly, attentive and attractive and we talked for a fair part of the night until she was too inebriated to drive home and I suggested she (and her friend) crash at my place. Yet I couldn't switch out of the friendly host mode even after her friend fell asleep and we were alone and laughing at my bowling on Wii Sports - but then it's been so long since I've really gone after someone I can't even work out if they were truly interested.

And did you know that after being jilted again in terms of just meeting up with someone, I felt jaded enough about the limitations of the friendship that I ate one of their presents I bought in England? It sounds harsh, but I've been back from England for a month and if we've not been able to organise a time to meet up, I'm allowed to hand their presents over to better people (i.e. myself) before they go off.

Actually! Between leaving and returning from ol' Blighty, I was calculating some numbers up, given that I was impressed that I'd spent over a day in the air. I'd travelled 12,086 miles on the flights alone. I was on my vacation for 302 hours. Calculating the numbers this means my average speed for my trip was just over 40 miles per hour. I feel better about those lazy days now.

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If you were a bit balder you'd look like a thin version Bill Bailey in that pic. Just letting you know that I still read and catch up on what's happening with you - good luck with life, it sounds like it's a bit full on at the moment!

I'm a beard with an idiot hanging off of it? Why, yes, yes I am.

I wish I had the time to write this back in the apartment. In that place, life is so mundane that I'd be able to write something redeeming.

Life's a bit bland, really. It's like I'm in the centre of a pile of quicksand. Life is going slowly and I'm trying to get out of the things I do normally without exacerbating the situation.

i got so excited when you said "i slept like a rotisserie chicken"

i'm not sure why that totally made my day. :)

It certainly didn't make my night. My goodness, it was a terrible night's sleep.

I'm still planning my trip before the end of the year (still waiting for tickets to return to a reasonable price range). The biggest dread I have is the 12-hour flight. Anything over 2 hours in a plane and I really start to lose it.

I recommend music. Every other form of entertainment I can think of that people do involves your eyes being open, and then you see the reality of what you have around you, and it's just no fun. Music, you can close your eyes and immerse yourself.

I guess one could masturbate with their eyes closed, but for that to last twelve hours is one thing, and it's not typically the type of thing someone should do in public, y'know?

Hey now....how'd you guess one of my favorite pasttimes? (though I can't see stretching it to 12 hours either) *looking nervously over shoulder*

It's one of your favourite pasttimes because you're on my friends list.

I mean, not to say if it wasn't someone's interest that they wouldn't be on my friends list.

Maybe it wouldn't be as likely.

It wasn't officially one of my interests before, but that has been remedied. The cat's out of the bag now.

I was just thinking about you and hoping you were okay yesterday, Dean.

I feel like a cockroach: I could survive a nuclear fallout if one comes my way, but I can't state I'm happy with my place in life right now.

I'll survive over here. I just wish my life involved more than surviving right now. I feel like thriving in something somehow.

Dean...The first line in this entry made me die laughing, because I had a visual of you spinning around rotisserie style in bed.

I love that photo of you, too...So handsome!!!!!!


I'm trying to add some more humour back to my posts, alongside (hopefully redeeming) pictures. I'm too blathering at the best of times for the average LJ denizen.

I like that picture of me too because I feel honestly myself in it, and therefore handsome. Of course, this is all subjective, as nobody gives me the time of day looking like that around here, but life is like that.

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