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When It's Really Not Up To Snuff

Y'know, I'm hitting that point that I'm realising the apathy I'm being shown links to the fact that people can't find me anywhere online, and because I'm working so much and calling is pointless, contacting me by AIM or email was the best way to bother me. So, I guess I really do need to get some kind of high-speed connection up and running so I can talk to people online. Maybe get Skype. Maybe send some voice posts on here too.

Until then, all I can say is that life is filled with work, and I'm slowly phasing the concept of clothing into a far more elegant level: the business casual attire that is a plain collared shirt and a black belt and black slacks is being phased into the concept of a collared plaid shirt with a striped or argyle sweater and/or blazer, an orange belt, and I might put yellow laces into the shoes soon. I want some colour in my workplace. I also have a morbid curiosity to see how much management would flip out at this outburst of individualism. I mean, it's pretty dangerous to define yourself with an identity sometimes!

I heard Manchester United won the title today. Good on them. Enfield Town are also in the playoffs for promotion but I can't find a definitive source showing how their playoff exploits went. Still, that's pleasing as well, that they're doing better than the original Enfield.

What else to say? I've got work tomorrow, again. Then two days off. I think I'm going to try to get some internet access organised in our house in the next few days now that I survived this month's rent. We'll see what it comes out to cost and how much other people in the household will truly help. I miss the late-night picture organising and rambling posts. Late-night pointlessness is what Livejournal and MySpace were made for.

For any of the Anglophiles in America, Life On Mars was recommended to me by many British people while I was in the UK. I bought it based upon positive reviews only, not seeing a second of the show. It's fabulous. The lead actor reminds me a bit of Simon Pegg in some manneurisms, which I think would cheer a few of you.

So. Things are going to change, with luck. Once I get my internet access at home you will see:
10 More photography in picatyou.
20 More rambling LJ posts.
30 Pictures of the Wii-celebrities. Simon Pegg turned out well. Edgar Wright turned out as badly as it could have done.
40 goto 10

I also realised that this interest in visiting the east coast may be something I take more seriously in the future. There's a lot of people I met as friends of Jamie's who were also pleased to know me as a friend independently. I wonder how many people I could meet up with and have fun with over there, in the same way that I had fun and met lots of people in Enfield. It's strange how you can find a clique of decent people in spots just as soon as you're set to leave the area, heh.

Maybe that'd be the best way to find new people in Tacoma; if I threaten to leave the area things could turn out better. I think I need to be careful on how many things I'm trying to set myself to do. I barely have enough time for living as is. I'll find people to occupy the time with in the near future when I have a little more money to spend and a few less inhibitions to be cautious of.

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