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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The Easy Way Out
I wrote something last night that wasn't right to post, for the most part. But the last sentences were true, where I looked at myself.

I am very unhappy with myself while I exist here. I use the word exist because I don't feel I've lived in Tacoma for quite a while.

I need to either change my perspective or my location. Changing my location is the easy way out to change my perspective and feel happier. But that is giving up and I don't want the end of a chapter of my life to end so apathetically.

I have until June 31 to look at myself and sort myself out. If not, I need to get out of here sooner rather than later.

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Your case is a bit different, but speaking as someone who has moved around a lot... it seldom works for long, and when it seems like it is working, once things settle down, you find yourself in the same state of mind. It is best to move TO something rather than AWAY from something.

I wish you would have the confidence to actually UTILIZE Tacoma and the whole area. You never give yourself time to live, because you bog yourself down with work and staying indoors. You honestly need some adventure. It will help you be less stagnant and it will make you feel refreshed and excited again like you used to be.

It's really not that easy to just randomly go out and explore things alone. I know this myself.

I never said alone. He's got a whole family of people he can travel around with. As I told him, I am always willing to go somewhere on any given day. Here if you hop on a bus, pay $2-$6 and drive 35 minutes you are literally in another world, in the middle of nowhere. It would do him good to take photos like he wants, explore, live something new, have stories for when he calls his family, instead of sitting in the house all day. I offer all the time, And I think he should take advantage of this beautiful place he's in and get out of the 4 walls he keeps subjecting himself to that have made him depressd and antsy in the last few months.

Moving helped me a lot, but my situation was perhaps different from yours; it wasn't necessarily the location, but the atmosphere. I didn't have the room to grow or expand myself, so I moved to someplace I knew I'd be able to do so.

The basic problems reappeared, but I finally had the capacity to deal with most of them.

I can't say if that's helpful for your situation, though.

Erm... be a backpacker and moveto Australia? ;)

(I know, it's nothing helpful...)

Live a little in your "?'s"

Making people not want you,wanting people to forget you is running away. Get to know tacoma and you can love it hey when im sulking i walk forever, everywhere downtown you can always find something you had not seen before. Dont be afraid to step out your door no one will get hurt. . . . . well as long as you are not on the east side ~dido

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