Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers


I will be frequenting Seattle in July.

On July 14 I will be doing my best to enjoy Rocco DeLuca & The Burden at the Showbox.
On July 15 I will be doing my best to enjoy The Polyphonic Spree at the Showbox.
On July 22 I will be doing my best to enjoy 'televangelist' and 'sweatbucket' Kim Clement, wherever Seattle deems worthy of him.

I've been going out and about a little more recently. I went into Seattle to watch an acoustic show by Rocco DeLuca. I snagged a live recording of one of his songs, I Trust You To Kill Me. Download if you'd like. Alternatively, recommend a better place to upload things to for future items. I'm really a bit behind the pace with useful websites for uploading things to.

I also recently went to Point Defiance Zoo to see the animals and snap them all in their wondrous forms. And typically every creature wasn't around when I went to snap it. The best picture I took all day was of a person.

Beyond that I've been enjoying my connection at home. I've been scouring YouTube for comedy by British comedians, and slowly torrent my way into getting Life on Mars series 2. I think the speeds on this download are so slow I should order it from Britain instead. I'm currently downloading at an average speed of 4.6kB/s for a 3.82GB show. This gives me an estimated time of around a week to wait for this. I would definitely order it, if I knew it'd work on this laptop. Alas, this laptop has its quirky disliking of most British shows encoded in their funny futuristic ways.

I've been erratically adding people based upon obscure interests and/or having a username that I like. I'm also organising lots of meet-ups with 'local' people. I really need to enjoy my days off more than I do. I don't ever want to feel that I've got a day off and all I can do is clean or do laundry. Admittedly, that's what I plan to do on Monday, but pfft, there's a giant pile of laundry that I fear will suffocate me in my sleep if I don't get rid of it soon. In this situation, where the laundry may equal or exceed my weight, that's a valid time for the washing of the clothes.

If I can organise things properly I could have very few debts to worry about this month. I could get very close to clearing up the majority of my credit card. That'd be a nice feeling, to allow me the opportunity for an adventure somewhere short-term. I think if I want to start talking of a life, I need to go and have some wild adventure somewhere. I did say I wanted to visit a local state, or Canada. They're all close by. I haven't got any other way to try to use some of the French I learned in school, except if I head towards one of the French-speaking provinces of Canada. Even if those French-speaking provinces are nowhere near Washington state, from what I know of Canada.

Anyway. Work tomorrow, again. Now's a relatively good time to get to sleep. So I'll probably drift away in about an hour's time.

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