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My Photogenic Ball, My Menacing Ghost, My Ornate Magnifying Glass.

I am not sure why this has started to happen, but Paint Shop Pro sometimes decides to tell me it's saved my picture, only to find when I come back to the file in the future, I find a 0 byte file that evidently is data-less. Wonderfully frustrating, though maybe it'll force me to remember to save my files as a larger, better-quality format anyway.

My short-term future will involve as much photography as I can throw myself into. I bought a soccer ball and am going to force the household down to the local park tomorrow for a "kickabout". I want to try to take snaps of the fellows of the household playing a merry game. I actually decided which soccer ball to buy based upon how it'd look in action shots. It has a silver shimmer to it if you catch it in the right lighting, and strips of orange on it to contrast against green grass. Well, to be honest, I just like the colour orange too much for my own good.

While I'm so inclined, I think today's a good day to get picatyou back up again. For those who've recently added me as a friend, this is a separate photography journal of mine. I don't feel like throwing pictures erratically through my posts, and I also liked the idea of putting each picture up individually with an accompanying drabble each time. It forces me to work on my writing, and ensures I can be selective on what gets uploaded, giving a varied selection of photographs for the viewer. I remember how it was difficult to appreciate a set of pictures on a very limited connection.

As an aside: do you know what is better - a relatively menacing ghost or an ornate magnifying glass?
Poll #1002955 There's No Right Answer To A Stupid Question

What is better?

A relatively menacing ghost!
An ornate magnifying glass!
I'll post up my opinion on the matter in the future. Please vote. With enough votes, this question could lead to an important answer in the future.

Beyond that, life's a whole load of whatevers. I need a wireless router so I can put the broadband in a good strong spot for connectivity which doesn't involve a cardboard box in the hallway. I need to find myself a cheap printer so I can print out pictures and designs and put them into badges. I have this badge-maker sitting here, and nothing's happening with it. I also must work out why so many people rave on about Photoshop. I'm the simpleton who gets himself used to a program enough that he can't change the bad habits - pesky Paint Shop Pro.

I finally need to work out if I feel in a bold enough mood to wear the collared Enfield Town Football Club shirt to work, it'd be jumping through a loophole in our store's dress code that demands a collared shirt of some type. I feel that if I'm going to be in the mood for kicking a ball around, I may as well be in the attire for it as well.

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