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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Skyped, Scrabbled & Changed My Name
Some of the things that caused mild discomfort to my psyche have been worked on over the last few days.

I finally got back into contact with my family in Britain via Skype. So, now I am on another bandwagon, alongside MySpace and Facebook (alongside livejournal, evidently) please tell me how I can contact you on any of these services; if you haven't found me yet those links should direct you to me. I'd like to hear from you. Quite literally in Skype's case.

I inadvertently began another process. I'm usually swift enough with fads that my username is always "dean_r". I'm very lazy in terms of creativeness. However, someone on Skype already swiped that name. I had to pause and reflect and decided whatever name I invented for this program, I wanted to use everywhere - it would be a universal change on AIM, MSN and Yahoo, to make it easier to contact me, as being easily contactable is something I enjoy.

My username for pretty much any way of contacting me is: tacomaelstrom

I like this change. The name features my location and a little joke at the storm in a teacup I have to deal with, and let's face it, there's nothing more unequivocally British than teacups, if we're going to go into deeper meanings.

Of course, MSN needs an email address at the end, so add on the standard @hotmail.com to find me.

So. Again, please add these new names if you want to tak to me, and pester me to ensure they're all working right. It'd be much appreciated.

What else happened today? Well, I got my highest individual score ever in Scrabble, but then Jamie helped me along. I love playing Scrabble mutually, where the players collectively try to help each other with positive playing to aid in the highest collective score possible. Me and Jamie ended up with a total of 591 between us, but we did have some extra tweaks to our game.

An online version of Scrabble gave the ability to exchange any blank(s) on the board with the letter it was stated to be in your rack and we tried this in our game with great success. For example, if a blank was used in the word "WI_ES" and the blank was stated to be an N, any player with an N can exchange their N for the blank at the very start of their turn, and may still put a word down on the board afterwards. However, if the blank was stated to be an R, the N cannot be used even though it makes another perfectly sound word.

Also, at the end of these mutual games, any tiles not placed on the board once one player has cleared their rack - and everyone else has taken an equal amount of turns - are ignored and not subtracted from the cumulative score.

I recommend trying Scrabble this way if you have friends who aren't really competitive. It also develops communication and it also means the clever-clogs can put down that ridiculous word that nobody else has heard of, because it helps everyone along. Normally I feel a bit rude using a bizarre word which I don't know the meaning to, but I've seen enough AIs use it in Scrabble games that I know it's allowed. For example, did you know both XI and QI count as words in Scrabble these days? QI got Jamie 22 points near the end of the game for our total.

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Are you sure that "dean_r" on Skype wasn't your own self? Because I remember you mentioning signing up for the program a long time ago back when we lived in England.

We kick ass at Scrabble. We need to make the Firehouse a regular hot spot for weekly, wordy adventures.

I might have set up a Skype account in England? Wow. That'd be amusing. I don't remember it for a second. Hah, I wonder how I'd react if I got beaten to setting up my own account by myself.

We need to buy a Scrabble board for around the house as well. A really fancy version. With bells and whistles.

I swear you did, because I remember you talking about it a lot. I thought you signed up to use it, but then never bothered. I remember you telling Tony about it also, if he wanted to talk to CJ with more ease.

My friend from NJ had a Scrabble game in which every bit of it's contens were plated in real gold. The board itself wasn't gold, but it had velvet on it and was made of heavy wood that had drawers underneath the bored to keep the pieces safe.

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