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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The Onion
Feed Your Head
"Did the bus driver tell me to stop eating because he heard me biting into this onion?"
"I had spaced out and didn't hear a thing. Though at least that explains the smell. Well, the stronger smell."
"I usually eat garlic."
"I take it you've never considered gum as an alternative?"

A conversation with a dirty crazy on the #1 bus earlier today.

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You have the best conversations with crazy people ever. XD

See, that's why I hate the #1 bus.

The very last time I ever rode it, there was a woman on there who kept shouting over and over again at top speeds, "Bananas, Milk, and hot dogs. Hot dogs, milk, and bananas." Over and over again for like 10 minutes, getting louder and louder until people were bright red, trying not to laugh. Even other crazies were laughing at her.

Then when she got off, all these people started shouting after her, "Don't forget pickles!" "What about potato chips?"

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