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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I had my most eyetwitchy moment at work yesterday.
Morose little bugger
"We can't get this Madden game to work on our PSP, and we found it mighty difficult getting the Madden disc out of the [UMD format] plastic casing."

It's been a nice week. I met two people who are very interesting and similar-minded and will be doing what I can to hang out with them. One lives in Seattle so travelling in is a bit more difficult, but the other person lives significantly closer. I have been enjoying cosmopolitan meals in strange places in Seattle, and with one of these friends I actually met someone who owns a MAGIC BULLET.

I'm installing World of Warcraft's 14-day trial to see what the fuss is about with it, though the game has so many patches that I think I might not get the game up-to-date before the fortnight is over.

I'm also heading to the bank to get a secondary account which will eventually become my primary account. It helps in terms of independence if I know how much is in my account and I know only I can touch it. I know Jamie is responsible with money, but I stopped paying as much attention to our finances once we fell apart and never really know how we're doing these days. I also feel that I can't save up for an indulgence without having to let Jamie know, which is odd if I'm trying to do things for myself.

I'm finally going to get round to doing some laundry. I swear, they need to give me more days off. Look at how productive I can be, and how bland I can make it all sound!

In other news, any babies left unattended in our store will be put on spikes and spit-roasted.

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Crap, you're right. I remember you saying something about that; it felt like weeks ago when you did.

Right. Well. I've got $18 on me. That might buy me a xylophone.

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