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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The YouTube Meme offers memories to all!
As someone who has been enjoying his internet access a bit too much, here's a meme to see what crops up in terms of what other people love.

Basically, using YouTube, find clips of shows you love (I initially wanted to state these were childhood memories, but pfft, a piece of fried gold is a piece of fried gold) that would best display the reasons why you love the show so.

For example, here's my selection:
1. Fist of Fun - "Rod Hull" is the best character I have ever seen created for a show.
2. Knightmare - in the show, the lead character took instructions from advisers so that cumulatively they could succeed and good would triumph. Alas, this ideal was often thwarted by useless advisers. [ RealPlayer format file that's in sync here - Codec to play RealPlayer files in Windows Media Player here ]
3. Big Train - 'The Evil Hypnotist' sketch features more work from the wondrous Kevin Eldon, with yet another over the top performance played to perfection.
4. Jam - The 'Symptomless Coma' sketch, it's another example of how dark British comedy can go.
5. The Worst Witch Movie - Tim Curry sings again. To be honest, I don't know if I can consider you to be a friend of mine if you haven't watched this at some point in your life, and I have no other excuse to ever try to get you to watch this clip. It's legendary, though.

And one for luck, as it was just uploaded days ago.

Brian Blessed, an absolute legend, was on a chatshow catchily titled "Loose Women". He really has the most jovial sense of humour, and you can smell the fear in the women through the video. If I have the vitality he has at that age, I'll be a happy person.

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I think I might have to start watching more of Jam.


OMG I tell so many people about that shit and they look at me like I've lost my mind. I love you.

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