Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Found: Beautiful Husky Pup. Lost: July 4th Celebration

Time treats me strangely. Over the last week I've been working a great deal, and have had something on my mind regarding how things are at work. I can't say I'm entirely comfortable with the professionalism of our manager, but it is a big argument to try to spark up when I don't have any tangible proof of what I'm not keen on knowing about.

I've also been acquiring all manner of strange things. I was given a copy of Pimp My Ride for the PS2, based upon a joke that started around the store. I found a book called Boy's Own Book, a book written from the 1830s, explaining how the young gentlemen of the era kept themselves occupied without radio or television. The answer? Apparently they play games such as balancing on a chair without falling off of it (I find keeping all four legs on the group helps) and scientific disasters waiting to happen (because Little Johnny really does have hydrochloric acid lying around to rub into his skin to feel 'warmth'). I also found sparkly cat ears at work, though we're not sure of whose hair this has been near and so nobody will wear the cat ears. I finally found a large bottle of laundry detergent lying around in our store. I am enjoying this random collection of treats.

But! The most interesting find happened yesterday, and I had nothing to do with it. Jamie and Autumn found a gorgeous toy Husky-type critter. She's definitely full-grown from the feeling of the rough paws, she's domesticated and friendly and quite definitely a bit fat. I wonder if it could be pregnancy. We're almost certain that the fireworks caused her to freak out, and there are some sad parents hoping to see her again. She was maintained wonderfully, with clean teeth and with recently trimmed fur on her. We're set to take her to the humane society soon and have put an ad up on Craigslist but it's been a delight living around a dog again, even if it did wreck my July 4th celebration.

Nobody managed to organise anything that I was invited to, which turned out for the best. I sat at home and looked after the rather frightened pup for the evening, everyone else in the household wasn't able to come home until about midnight and she definitely appreciated the company to keep her sane. Before I arrived, there was a bit of a mess, as if she was trying to hide behind things she couldn't. She was also excessively panting and worrying, but by the end of the night, she seems quite content about how things are. You can see there's a hint of concern that we're all new people in her life, and she wants her old owners back, but she's very loving and kind to us.

And I worked for many hours and didn't even get bonus pay for it. GameStop really does know how to milk every penny. Still, it's getting more fun around there now we're all rambling on about summer nonsense. The dead spell of games means we're talking about all new types of crazy story, such as the co-worker's brother who was last heard from in Oregon after his girlfriend stole his car after they stayed at a motel.

I used Skype for the first time with someone that was online last night. Very good program. Was very useful. I hope to use it a lot more in the future.

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