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It's the start of a slippery slope.

A recent shot of myself and my trusty blowpipe, searching for more ties.

My proudest moment of 2007 happened when I captured my first tie. I sometimes wear it around my neck as a symbol of my improving status in life.

See this stern man? He's bored. He's hungry and bored. And is thinking the camera might be delicious, but it wasn't. Thankfully...

...salvation was found. Because I really love the taste of artificial cherries. And there was the smell of cherry Twizzlers coming from our fan. Our beautiful, cherry-loving fan. Not only did it smell like cherries, though... tasted like cherries! And blood. Kind of. I got a bit keen and accidentally turned the fan on...
I apologise for showing my tongue in such a seductive manner.

...and the loss of blood made me a little woozy. And then I passed out.

Good times, good times!

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