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Let's bité, baybeé.

Here's an odd chain of events.

I never bothered to ride a bike or tie a tie. I never saw the value in it. I then saw David Tennant's style of Doctor Who, and noticed how my face and his have some similarities, and his clothing style helps him look better: smart shirts and ties help make his neck seem shorter and ears seem smaller. I had to learn how to tie a tie and try this for myself. I managed to learn, and it works. It now this opens up many avenues.

a) I now have to learn how to ride a bike. This has always been a big mental barrier where I could make any excuse I could that I didn't want to get on a bike, but if I can tie a tie after believing it was no good for me, riding a bike is just the next step along.

b) I see the value in smart shirts and the plainest, one-colour ties to contrast obnoxiously. From being remarkably cautious with money, suddenly simplistic $20 ties seem like good value for money!

c) I want to send pictures of myself to my family showing I can actually get close to scrubbing up well. I think it'd get confused reactions of what American food has done to my brain. It's not really too far away from what I like - plain and simple t-shirts become plain and simple collared shirts, that's all. With bonus crazy-patterned tie instead of crazy badges and buttons.

I mean, I don't think I've ever looked as flashy as I have for recent pictures. Chunky-looking ties are my friends.


I intend to wear elaborate clothing and challenge little kiddies at the game Pokémon Battle Revolution; a competition will occur at a local store. The winner gets many treats including a free game, and I like free stuff. And if the attempt at the intellectual high ground fails and the flashy clothing doesn't work, I'll have to resort to smack talking the little troglodytes. I expect I will come in second and grumble that a 8-year-old got to me with his smack talk.

I must be totally prepared. If Lucario needs to have Ice Hidden Power, his IVs need to be 30 ATK, 30 DEF, and all others can be 31. I have until Saturday to fix this.


I went into Seattle for two different bands. The first show, Harry & The Potters, I was invited along to and it sounded like it could be fun, in terms of either being pleasantly surprised by the talent of the band behind the brand they let themselves get linked to, or to watch an absolute train-crash of a band. They were definitely energetic and entertaining and got the crowd going. They play in libraries, and Seattle's Main Library is a glorious venue for any show, but the crowd got into a song enough that the floor was shaking from people jumping up and down. I admit mild bitterness that this band had more people come to watch their show than the band I was really waiting to see...

...Rocco DeLuca & The Burden played in Seattle again, as part of their national tour. They had two very good bands perform before them, and I bumped into most of the band before the show. Alas, Rocco zoomed by me when I had the chance to bother him, but I had great fun watching the show, trying to take interesting pictures of the show, and panicking at how I'd have to leave before the show finished to get my bus home. I really wish I'd had a chance post-show to chat with the band, but you can't have everything in life. I did buy myself a t-shirt as consolation. I only chose the shirt I did because it features a fifth band member who plays around with synths, which upsets Jamie greatly. He's not allowed to be part of the band, you see. Even if he reminds me a bit of a chunky scruffy Eddie Izzard.

It was the first show I went to on my own. I wandered around throughout the show looking for good camera angles for shots, while appreciating the music. It was a foreign feeling, to be in motion for most of the performances, but I had fun with everything that happened on the day.


I can't say that the shows were the only things I spoiled myself with. We had a voucher lying in the house offering the most wonderful pizza at a significantly discounted rate, but it was to expire on Sunday. The catch? It's a mile and a half away: 25 minutes away in walking distance, and its discounted rate was for take-out pizza only. It gave me something to do, and that pizza tasted like so much better than you can imagine. I should hope it would, after the time and money I put into getting it.

But that's going to be the end of my indulgences for a bit, just get the bank account back to a level point and start to save up again. I, however, am drowsy and not even able to concentrate. I'm sure this is where all the rare things will show up at my door. Clever tooth fairy. Yeah, one deep breath and I'm fried. I just can't picture how people can work on these things all day, every day. I guess it's how life works these days.

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