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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Many leaked copies.
...in my last entry I was typing with my last joules of energy, and my last paragraph doesn't make sense.

But that's going to be the end of my indulgences for a bit, just get the bank account back to a level point and start to save up again. I, however, am drowsy and not even able to concentrate. I'm sure this is where all the rare things will show up at my door. Clever tooth fairy. Yeah, one deep breath and I'm fried. I just can't picture how people can work on these things all day, every day. I guess it's how life works these days.

And at what point did anyone notice this? Yeah, it's the last paragraph so I know interest has waned, but wow. I can't believe I wrote that, but I also can't believe nobody questioned that I wrote that. I hope you don't think it's a standard of writing I'm frequently capable of.

I do currently have more vices than I expressed an interest in over my last post, though. Alongside the sudden interest in ties, I also remembered something from New Jersey that I really liked and would like to eventually acquire again. The humble retro-chic flip clock. What a beautiful design idea. I am also currently obsessed with the idea of having some Cherry Twizzlers. What a simple life I lead.

Beyond that, I finally got around to organising some pictures on the camera. Now all I've got to do are upload the pictures in the right places and all should be well. This means there may be pictures of Rocco DeLuca, Harry Potters and goodness knows what else inbetween.

Oh! I know. A picture of an hombre having his head smashed by a barricade. That should be something hilarious for you all to enjoy.

Did you know? I nearly consumed one pound of (strawberry, alas) Twizzlers as I wrote this post, and kind of hate myself right now for it.

Last: I've asked a few people to come visit Washington, and there's a very good chance one friend will be able to visit me and Jamie. More info on this after I talk to Jamie.