Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Americana Palava

I really hate the name for Portapotties in this area. Of all the disgusting names that gets worse over time... ladies and gentlemen, I offer you the HONEY BUCKET Portable Sanitation Company. It's not the type of service you can try to give a cute name to.

Now the computer is back I have a lot of pictures to edit and push online. I really do have to get picatyou up and running drastically.

I also set up my XBox Live account given I had a modem and a wire spare while the laptop couldn't be used. You might find me on the username Rzeki, if I'm not using the laptop and Ramon isn't playing the baseball game.

Now, I'm just going through pictures. I've still got some shots from when I was in England and I've never felt ready to work on those particular shots. I'll gauge there's a good 200 to tinker with when I want to. It's a good project to work on.
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