Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

A Glow'll Grow'n Kill'em, P'haps?

It's that time of year where it's best that I leave myself to be a little introspective and wonder what I'm doing around who I'm with. Which is impressive as I'm not around many people as it is. Some people seem too good for me to be around them, some people believe they're too good for me to be around them, and some people are glad I'm not around them.

I hit barriers with this, I'm subject to a lot of patience in seeing beyond the rough edges of how I am. I'm a good judge of character, aside from if the character in question is myself. I read many people better than I read myself, and that unpredictability really isn't a good thing sometimes, heh. I do think I know the basics... I know what a good plan is for me and my life. It's just how I get from A to B that I don't want to figure out. I want to surprise myself, and anyone crazy enough to jump on for the ride.

In other news, I changed my cellphone plan because in the last month my phone usage increased (not an exaggeration) tenfold. I've never felt so anti-social with the limitations of six-day work weeks, but wow, I do like talking to people over the texting, like I said I had to get away from. I just wish I'd had some hindsight on how much money I blitzed through before finally upgrading to a plan that didn't mean I pissed away significant chunks of money after many hour-long conversations over the last week or two. Some more worthwhile than others. Stupid tech support for the laptop battery replacement.

The next shirt to order will be orange, the next tie will be black and yellow. That's the set to acquire in August. Beyond that, all I have to do is get rid of some stuff at work. It'll be a relief to get rid of some trash around the household.

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