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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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From A Distance, I'll Look Salmon!
Life Blurs
I found the worst shirt ever at a charity store.

They charged me a dollar for it and I gave them another dollar as a tip. It is terrible in every way from its crinkly-cheap fabric to what-the-fuck colour combo. It rivals the orange jacket in terms of being obnoxious, except this is truly plain ugly.

Hence the artistic pose, pretending I don't look like an idiot in it.

I'm tempted to wear it for a smashing soirée I'm set to sojourn. There's definitely a charm to being extravagantly uncommonly common, and from this bouffant to this shirt, I'm four-thirds of the way there.

eta: After wearing it for just ten minutes, I already "like" this shirt a great deal.

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(Deleted comment)
Give me time and cake. I can manage it if that's what you desire.

it's... it's hurting my eyes a bit.

It's a bit on the loud side, I suppose.

At least I wore a sensible tie to go with it. If I want to go all-out painful, I have a silver tie with blue swirls on it, to look like the sea, a motion-filled pattern on a tie. Putting that against this shirt could surely cause some kind of lasting damage.

Holy gods, that's painful. XD

OH Dean...WHY WHY WHY...I buy hideous clothes on purpose, too...But that takes the cake

I have a hot pink cardigan that would look awesome with that


Haha. I was going to go one step further and show the silver tie that I "bought with it". Now that would be too X-rated for uploading.

I have the bright orange jacket of doom that would probably not look awesome with it. But damned if I'm not going to wear the fuckers together on Sunday, haha.

Heee!! I'm kinda digging the retro vibe of it with the black tie. The tie is honestly what saves it from looking like 1960s wallpaper.

This is why ties are serving such a happy purpose for me. I can get away with relatively obnoxious clothing because of a tie? Or I can wear an obnoxious-coloured tie and get away with it because of the serious shirt I wear it with?

Nobody should give me creative liberty in terms of what clothes I choose to wear in the morning. It's a dangerous thing to do.

Oh christ. At least you won't get hit by a car.

P/S: I meant to comment earlier, but my "quick drink" turned into a 6-hour affair that involved lots of alcohol, abusing heckling small children and discussions of penis enlargement methods.

I won't? I think if I saw someone wearing this kind of design, I'd swerve at them to put them out of their misery.

Best way to make a penis seem bigger involves shaving all the hair around it off, it'll make the shaft look longer, and therefore make it seem longer full stop. Also makes it look like puberty hasn't happened yet. Compromises are sometimes not so good.

Second place goes to wishing to the "penis fairy" every night and putting your quarter under the pillow. He might come along and help out with it.

ACTUALLY, Mr Smarty Pants, what you do is you tie a brick to your bits, cut a hole out in your bed and sleep on your stomach with Mr Happy dangling out of the hole for a couple weeks.

I only gained half an inch that way. :(

Maybe you're using the wrong kind of brick.

You won't be saying that on Sunday. Or maybe you will. We'll find out if your insanity is just temporary or if you're all-out bonkers.

I concede the icon was chosen thinking of you, having to be the innocent party next to me, suffering the looks I will get wearing this shirt. I remember that before I saw the video, I saw the CD cover and was in love with it.


It's wonderful. XD

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