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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I Was Nibbled And Gnashed By Little Teeth In The Night.
Not now.
I had a visitor stay overnight. That was exciting.

I am a big fussing type, as I spoil any guest that visits. We watched The Life & Death of Peter Sellers, and commented on the intrigue of a person who was so malleable in his creativity of his characteristics that he lost his value and worth and identity, and in fact, only found it by playing vacuous and blank characters, where he could focus on his own emotions rather than his eccentric perceived notions on what a person could be. We also watched some QI before and after sleeping and made white chocolate chip and almond pancakes for breakfast, in a tribute to a wonderful crêperie in New Jersey whose pancakes are served in batches of four, and are the size of car tires. The first two pancakes we produced were wondrous in taste alone, but we had the formula required for some pancakes to lust over by the end of things.

We then headed into Seattle to meet up with a few more friends - one had a birthday recently, and he's now... older. And it was also a party for celebration for all the people that were unable to see him and his charming wife for any of the ceremonies or receptions they had. It was a geeky party of Guitar Hero and Wii Sports (I managed to perfect a golf swing I never knew I had - a tight grip with the wrists fixed everything) and Derek, the blind man who earns a living letting balls smash into his head and some destroying of space creatures. We got to talk a little more and I got complemented by many bizarre people before we all had to vacate the premises and head our separate ways.

Today I worked from 5 PM to 1 AM due to the launch of Madden 2008, a wondrous title filled with special powers to kill the ref, decapitate the quarterback, and barge players into landmines that would leave fiery pits of lava behind. Or maybe I just miss Mutant League Football too much right now. That was a good game. Heh, the Sixty Whiners. It's as close as I'll ever get to understanding US football.

I have a check to send out tomorrow, and I have to take pictures of how I looked with my haircut and terrible clothing. We may also have to get the apartment flea-bombed. We rescued a dog a few weeks ago, and it was a good thing to have done, but we're all getting bitten to pieces these days, and it started after the dog left, so we must have had some fleas make their way in. We've all seen them in some form over the last few days so it's evidently becoming a significant enough problem. I felt a bit guilty having someone visit after we found this out, but then they were spoiled with enough QI to make them happy for a while, so maybe they can handle it.

Time to sleep. And apparently get nibbled on again. Ah well. I guess I always wondered how I'd look in polka dots.

eta: I woke up this morning to find five of these little critters on my left leg. This is getting remarkably significant. I finally bothered to count the damage and saw 25 bites on my legs. I don't like the notion of killing fleas, though. Makes me feel guilty, and they aren't sucking me dry yet. Just obnoxious that they're feeding on me to lay more eggs around this place, so best fix it sooner rather than later.

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these bites are maddening... but there's no one else i'd rather be bitten up with.

Gah. How many did you end up with?

I'm sorry. I guess next time I'll head that way, as less biting will ensue.

You can get Lyme disease from fleas, but I had to live with flea-infested cats for a couple months and I was fine. A fun way of getting rid of fleas is by using a flea trap:

1 x bowl of soapy water
1 x desk lamp

You place the soapy water and desk lamp on the floor with the lamp directly over the bowl, then turn on the lamp and leave it overnight. In the morning, marvel at how many fleas you've caught (or not).

Glad you had fun :)

If you flea bomb, remember that you basically have to take everything in your house, out while it's being done and make sure you air out the house plenty. Definitely move out all your dishes and stuff and you'll want to either remove what you can wash or else wash it before use afterwards, because that stuff is highly toxic.

It's definitely getting pretty intense here, I think it has to be something that gets done. You haven't seen how my legs look but they look like a pepperoni pizza. I keep getting that tingling feeling where I'm subconsciously feeling that the critters are on me while I type.

I think we'll end up washing everything like crazy before and after if it happens. We also need a working vacuum cleaner around here. Not having stuff like that really doesn't help.

If you don't want to commit flea-cide would some repellent not do the trick?

When we had a flea problem with our fuzzy pets, we used to bathe 'em in tea tree oil solution. I think it either kills them or repels them, but either way tea tree soap might be worth looking into.

Also, what's this I hear about you becoming a hurricane?

A late one, but hello! I believe I r one of the bizarre people you got complimented by. Rosey always said you was great... :D

U r one of those bizarre people, yes. I don't know if you noticed the jealous looks around the room as well, but murmurs were that your Boo shirt was the most likely to be stolen and kept and loved by someone else. My shirt was second.

I like your shirt better than mine... It's rather spectacular.

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