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The Unwanted Tag Of Top Dog

After a visitor stayed here, she reciprocated the generosity and asked if I wanted to stay there. This was a good thing as it meant that our residence here in Tacoma could get flea-bombed and I wouldn't have to wonder what to do with a whole weekend off.

I went into Seattle, and I stayed with codeinepinkStephanie, vivicamoondazeSarah, Sarah and David. Steph and I dined on many of the finer comfort foods of Seattle while travelling around the area. Let's put it like this: we're not food critics, we have no need to be connoisseurs and we have no need to try to be facetious about it - we like simple meals. In terms of basic reviews, though, if we were critics, I think we'd generally agree that:
  • Jack In The Box got an A.

  • Quizno's got an A-.

  • Some Local Pizza Place got a B+.

  • The chocolate chip waffles (we put them in a toaster) got a B+.

  • The toasted cheese and tofurkey sandwiches got a B+.

Overall, very simple and very delicious foods. We're not complex creatures.

We also bought some board games so that everyone could interact and curse my knowledge of obscure British words that nobody had heard of, with the acquisitions of Boggle and Scrabble. We didn't have the time/patience for Scrabble, but we did have a few attempts at Boggle. I was told that Steph has never lost a game of Boggle, but she came second to me this time around. This left her scribbling down on her scrap of paper, after tallying our scores; "33... but still second :(", which will make me feel guilty, possibly to my grave.

I bought some flimsy paper so I can try to test how they'll look in buttons/badges, I want to be creative and make things for people. I also bought Steph the smallest and most deformed rubber chicken I've ever seen, it was the size of a fingernail and the poor creature had a neck/body ratio of a giraffe. If you can imagine Steph has walked out of earshot, then the exact dialogue with the shopkeep was this:

"I am sorry, but that is the most horrible and tacky thing I have ever seen and I must have it. I don't want the lady over there to know, so here's the money for it, just keep the change so I can walk away right now, I need this item without her knowledge so I can surprise her with it."
"It really is quite horrible... can I interest you in the nearly as horrible miniature rubber snake, it's the last creature left, after all?"
"Oh no. What do I look like to you? Crazy?"
What else? What else... hmm. Stories. I need to keep on thinking of stories of my past. The well of my memory is pretty dry at the best of times, I don't retain much of my past at all, for various reasons I can't put together. But yeah, genuinely am stumped half the time to think of stories these days. I'm going to have to start inventing them, and that's a curious notion. Giving me too much creative expression could cause a lot of things to go dangerously wrong in so many ways.

Films and Ratings from the weekend:
  • Being There got an A-.

  • Forrest Gump got an A.

  • Butcher Boy got a C from what I saw.

The last film got a harsh rating, but it did have a drunk Irish Stephen Rea in it, so it could deserve a higher rating. I know we watched another film as well, but what it was escapes me. My mind is truly that terrrible.

Other indulgences from the weekend for myself included:
  • An obnoxiously-coloured striped longsleeve collared t-shirt, which gets an A-.

  • Earth Defence Force 2017 for Xbox 360, which gets a B+.

This weekend, it'll be their turn to come down and visit, whoever in the group wants to stay and crash. It'd be nice to go see some Tacoma-related place in a new light created by new eyes looking at whatever I've grown to enjoy and get used to in the past, like the Irish pub O'Malleys, or The Museum of Glass, or something diverse and wondrous.

And then today I went crazy financially. I own many more shirts and another tie, I got Jamie her birthday present, and got a few more bits of paper for the badges/buttons and another cheap game where you control mercury in a quirky action-puzzle game. All in all, I probably spent... way too much today. I'm never this impulsive, but today I found things I really thought would be nice to own and that was that; I guess payday's on Friday, and I'll survive until then. I also got to hang out with co-workers and girlfriends of the co-workers, and found I'm rather good at board games to do with cinema, such as Scene It? - I wonder if I should mention I've worked around films in bits and pieces for four years of my life. It's not much of an advantage as I've barely watched any films at all - it just means I know some of the more obscure titles and characters, that's all. I'm an expert at filling in the blanks to work out a film's name. Just don't ask me anything about the film. I've just seen it on a wall, alphabetically, in the past.

Tomorrow's basic plan until I get to work:
  • Shower

  • Shave

  • Play Earth Defence Force for a bit.

  • Try on all the shirts to make sure they fit.

  • Go to work.

Sometimes the days you can plan easily are the best.

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