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I have never had my bank account get as low as it is today. Our landlord has been waiting patiently for our rent and my half has been sitting around waiting to be given. Long story short, I just took most of the money I have out of the account and handed it to her to stop her from being so concerned by our silence. I do hope the check I sent out to someone had cleared already, else I could be in a bit of trouble.

And yet my only reaction right now is a shrug and an oh well to potentially being overdrawn. I've just hit this level of apathy with money. I spent way too much over the last week just because I'm not really trying to save or keep anything together these days. I've just got enough for now, and that's all there is to play with. I'd best fix that before something goes horribly wrong. I'm sure there's a few companies around who are going to take chunks out of my account at exactly the same time.

But is it apathy or just an acceptance that money's kind of a stupid concept anyway? The concept of material worth isn't something I think I'm mentally awake enough to speculate upon right now. I still wish the Monster Raving Loony Party got into power. They claimed they'd change the currency to oranges. As ridiculous as it sounds, it does make it harder to save money and harder to get into debt. You can't be inversely owing oranges, you can have a lack of money that puts a person in a bad position, but a lack of oranges sounds far less plausible, despite the fact that a poor person is always poor, however things may equate to that.

Imagine, though, if you had to spend all your paycheck before it went rotten. I wonder what immaterial junk we'd all purchase?

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