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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Attack Of The Fizzy Feet!
Have you ever been sitting down and find you suddenly have a totally dead leg, and don't want to get up in case the leg doesn't get itself working quickly enough, and then you might fall and hurt yourself or snap something in your leg, your limp ankle breaking from your inability to put weight on it correctly?

That's how I felt as my bus stop came along.

Two bus stops later I finally found some life in it and managed to stumble my way uphill and back home.

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I've had this happen to me a few times, usually I can walk on it enough -- carefully -- to get it feeling normal again.

Oh, all the time, due to my fondness for nodding off on buses and subways. However, it's never been so bad that I've had to miss my stop -- I just have to stand up early, try to discreetly stomp a few times to get the blood flowing, then lumber towards the door. "Sorry, excuse me -- Frankenstein's monster coming through, yes". Just put your weight on your other foot as much as possible and try to stay in arm's reach of something solid, if you're worried!

I got stung by a jellyfish between the toes once; it took something like 10-15 minutes for the poison to really kick in, by which point my whole leg felt like it was never going to work again. And then I realized, hey -- it's just pain. I can still use it just fine. It doesn't even hurt more to use it, the way fizzy feet/pins n' needles does. So I went from flat-on-my-back, "will I ever walk again" to casually stomping around in about ten seconds. Wasn't pleasant, but it was an interesting experience in retrospect.

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