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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Lunar Eclipse in Tacoma.
I'm watching a lunar eclipse. It's remarkably impressive just watching the moon slowly fade away to nothing.

I contemplated taking pictures, and eventually my mind said "Pfft, why not, you don't see a lunar eclipse every day, do you?"

Then I realised the foolishness of my actions, and how maybe a lunar eclipse isn't so incredible when shown with a stationary picture.

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Uncooperative weather marred my view, but I've also been watching. Maybe we should have been singing 'somewhere out there'.

I sang "Duck Tales". I think that was how I got lucky.

Rob and I just saw it here in Sydney :)

That's still a hell of a lot better than any of the pictures I took.

I had the advantage of being indoors and probably less shivering than you, if you went for the being-outside-with-binoculars-fun.

Also, I always set a two-second timer for the long-range shots. Because when you press the button in, that usually jolts the camera a little, so the slight delay helps you get the camera back to being steady.

But don't pay much attention to me. I am fueled with enough caffeine that I wrote binosauraus first, which as we all know, is a wondrous dinosaur with even more wondrous vision, which rampages around looking at the moon and has a roar like a sieve.

For a non-tripod shot, that came out really quite well. The orange rim fading to blue is either subtly beautiful or a reference to a deodorant ad.

I tried to see the eclipse last night -- but after glimpsing it through a window, I just couldn't find it again. Must've been very low in the sky when I tried...

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