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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer retires today, apparently. Absolutely wonderful player and wonderful person too. He's one of those people I grew up admiring, especially after that Champions' League final in Barcelona.

I remember 87 minutes into the game, Bob had had enough of it. He was convinced it was over, and went to walk the dog. So when Teddy Sheringham scored from that corner in the 90th minute, I jumped up and down, excitedly waiting for Bob to return to be surprised with watching extra-time. Then the sudden charge down the pitch, and that second corner for United. Solskjaer's touch. The ITV commentator's crazed reaction. His reaction was not as crazed as mine, because I bolted out of the house and running down the road to tell Bob the unthinkable happened and he missed the best finale to a final in years, though in a more concise manner.


I think that moment is my favourite in any sport I have watched. There was a joy to watching an under-rated player finally getting the limelight they deserved. I still get shivers down my spine thinking about it all. But yeah, he's gone. Thank goodness for YouTube. I'll need to go over the goal he scored against Liverpool in the FA Cup final, or the four he put past Nottingham Forest in 20 minutes as a substitute, or the cynical foul on Rob Lee that got him sent off as the last defender, when Lee was one-on-one with the keeper.

He was always so good at watching the game from the sidelines and working out what he'd have to do to cause trouble when he got substituted on. Maybe he'll end up being a manager too. One thing about Fergie's signings... most of them knew how to read the game well, and that shows by their relative successes in management. Ole was definitely one of the most intelligent people on and off the pitch with his awareness, that's for sure. Hopefully I'll keep on hearing about him in some capacity for quite a while.