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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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When In-Jokes Kind Of Mess You Up A Bit
Sweet Truth
Last night, as the lunar eclipse was happening, I joked to someone about inappropriate rhyming in songs. The example that sprang to mind (a relatively mild one, given the amount of words that rhyme with incest) was "hope" and "grope". What a strange pair to make into rhyming couplets, I thought.

So, the morning after, I follow through with my initial comment and try to find a song that does this. I find one song, from a musician I've never heard of, and the rhyme isn't just embedded somewhere in the song, it's the first two lines of the song.

"Along the avenue of hope
The footsteps falter, the fingers grope"

The song was called Avenue of Hope by a band called I Am Kloot. Unable to find an mp3 on Limewire, I went for YouTube as plan B and indeed found the song playing on there. And I liked the song. And now I'm slightly taken aback and don't know what fateful reasons came for me to try to find this song, this artist, and so on. But yeah. I have a new musician's music to look into now.

Now I'm going to get ready to head into Seattle. Going to be spending the night there, so need some basic clothes for the day after, my phone, some games to sell, some books to read and some films to watch, and some kind of currency that the bus will accept.