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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The Mundane Gets Typed
Converse Contrast
Today is one of the blandest days I may live, so I'm trying to spice it up. What I must do is contained here:

I will head to the library to return overdue books.
I will head to my old address to see if some items from Amazon were sent there, and if I can get them back please.
I will do some laundry.

Beyond that, I've got time to kill. I might make something fancy for dinner tonight, though I doubt it.

We're on the last few potentially warm days of autumn here, it's gonna just keep getting grimmer from here. May as well get out while the getting's good and/or until I find thermal clothing. I found the old fluffy hat, and the thermal things from NJ that kept my legs warm, and my scarves and jumpers are in a suitcase to find. It's getting back to that time of year. Time for the Sonic jacket again, and all that.

In other news, I was given $60 by someone who owed me $20, because they may have taken more money than I knew about. I might have to add "investigate to see how much I was owed, to see if he gave me too much" because I don't look into my accounts any more. They're too harrowing to consider. I keep a ballpark figure of where I should be in my head and don't break my finances down beyond that. I've gotten very bad about that, but until I'm not owing some person or some corporation money, it's the only way my mind can handle the situation.

I might buy a frying pan. It came to my attention how little I truly possess. Minimalism is wonderful, but in terms of what is in the kitchen, my worldly possessions equate to a few glasses and an oven glove, and neither of those can be cooked on. I find it cute that in absence of bothering with items to fill a room like tables, my room is still the awkward mess it is. I really am a very low maintenance figure. I think it's from trying to find a second use to any item around. I'm like a bad inventor, with a candy wrapper to hold my change, and gloves to hold my handheld gaming systems, and a suitcase for a nook.

With the football season starting I'm back to playing Football Manager on the PC. Its times between getting to games is allowing me to write as much as I am, I just type instead of wait while things load. My current standing in the game is that I am playing as Aston Villa and we're in February 2019. I have the best squad of players in the league, but my midfield is primarily foreign. So to try to make things harder (and to use some of the cash that keeps rolling in) I'm going to try to get the squad filled with some more British youngsters, like the early 90s era of British football. No more than three Johnny Foreigners in the squad, if I recall the old rules correctly.

Anyway, once I deviate to game talk I know I'm rambling. I'll shush and get on with the first load of laundry now, I think. Head to the library while it washes. It sounds like the kind of plan that is so perfect I need someone with a spade to shout YEAH BOIII at me in admiration of the sheer genius at work here.

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See, I need someone tech-savvy who just has that kind of stuff lying around. I don't know a person like that, and may struggle to find such a fearsome creature while in Tacoma, home of no tech support that isn't frighteningly opinionated on other matters - the local IT support guy is vehemently anti-Bush, to the point of not wanting to help a Republican.

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