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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Sweet dreams.
The world is made of daisychains,
Delicate and bright
The daisychains, now crushed remains
Because of all the plight
The world is dark, the world is black
The night has come, so hit the sack
And dream of better times to come
Because you know that's so much fun.
And lying to yourself's not hard
So long as you believe.

Disillusioned friends are here,
I seem so far, yet hold them near
I know that I should try to be
With them, and feel their empathy.
The dark is now, the sky is grey
Keep dreaming of a better day
The things you hate can fade away
So long as you believe.


Your friends' remains, like daisychains
Once delicate and bright
Their crushed retorts make them contort
The end is far from sight
Not as far as I, from the one who'll cry
If they keep feeling this way
Don't try to weep, just fall asleep
The dreams will keep you sane

I see life there, I tried to care
Though flowers die some day
And all I hope is they can cope
That they won't fade away
And as I stare, right at their chair
And as they feel alone
I try to be some company
Because that's what I want to be
But they can feel alone and free
So long as they believe.

The sunrise shows, through rosy glows
Another day is here
The crimson light, a wondrous sight
A smile from ear to ear
Though they're not here, I really fear
I'll ne'er be able to hold them near
For they may hate me, my empathy
And all that I believe.