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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Prattle On Portal, While Mortals Chortle
Now You're Thinking With Portals
Portal. My favourite 3D puzzle game since Kula World, though if more levels get created for it, I think it will take Kula World's mantle. A wonderful and sarcastic computer eggs you on, with comments of advice such as "[W]e have added a consequence for failure, any contact with the chamber floor will result in an unsatisfactory mark on your official record, followed by death" and the game's difficulty curve is absolutely perfect. This is one of the few games that encourages trying something stupid just to see what can happen, just like Kula World used to.

I have had moments of amazement when I make a ridiculously large jump I'd never have thought I could have made three levels ago, using a technique I'd never considered or seen the level before, and no computer suggesting what to do with bold text and blunt statements at any point. I've also winced with joy after making a video camera fly around through portals to eventually smash into the top of my head and kill me outright.

I have also really really loved having the game set in a perpetual loop (fire portal A above head, fire portal B at feet, drop through portal B to portal A and fall through portal B to portal A ad infinitum) and telling drunk people to look at the screen and watch it. A first person view of someone falling through an endless tunnel at terminal velocity caused a gag reflex for one of the people who watched for too long.

This is the first weekend in a while that Steph and I are not going to make an attempt to meet up, just to let us both get on with things. Well, to let her get on with things - she has her artwork to work on. I have Halo 3 to look into, mix CDs to compile and goodness knows what other little menial tasks to work on.

I, simple creature. I, groovy. How are you?

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I... am starting to really think I should purchase the orange box. And am also pretty tops. Do you have a naming convention for your mix cds? Mine were just Stuff through to Stuff 13. Then I got an iPod. It is iStuff. But now I don't use that in my car anymore because I got sick of it being sucktastic. And that's my courageous story.

I used to have sets of music for different circumstances - a CD without any lyrics on it at all, a CD for Burnout games especially.

My next CD to compile will be full of songs that I'd sing at karaoke, if a bar had any or all of the songs available. Quirky British songs aren't often found as options in American karaoke circles.

Time is flowing quickly and Tuesday evening will be here before you realise.

I'm really tempted to get The Orange Box, simply for Portal. Though I fear my PC may collapse under its weight. My friend at work sent me Still Alive, and I think it's the best song ever! The game looks great too, of course.

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