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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The Legend Of Lenny The Tramp
Anyone that's visited Enfield knows of Lenny the Tramp. He's the guy always out by Barclay's (at least when I was last there) scrounging for a few pence and/or around the bus stops by Chace School. Legend that he is, he managed to get himself involved in a music single.


I'd kind of miss him not being on the streets, but that sounds evil.

No, wait. This is a link to the song. That does sound evil.

I watched Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D for Hallowe'en with Steph. That was good to watch all over again. She fell asleep for the last ten minutes. The introduction of Oogie Boogie, with its flourescent colours, was wonderfully striking; the problem is that watching it on DVD won't feel the same...

Beyond that... well, I'm still a little stunned that the most famous resident of Enfield at this point in time is a homeless man. It's just a good time to shock me with news, that's all.