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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I Want The Crazy Juice Too
Ickle Cute Thing
Tacoma is excellent for its little moments of what I can only refer to as whatthefuckitis - a clinical condition caused by living in this area too long and simply saying whatever springs to mind, no matter how bizarre it is. It started off with a store that sells furnishings made of wood. They were apparently having a sale on bork containers.

I didn't type that wrong. In big letters the words BORKHOLDER AMISH SALE were displayed. The endorphins of joy leapt up in excitement at this pointless sale sign paying homage to Swedish chefs everywhere. But beyond that, I walked to work.

I was walking behind a parked vehicle, a relatively tall Hummer-like thing; I was probably a half-foot taller than it - you could see the top of my head. I walk around the vehicle to see the driver's door open and the door behind that open also. She gasps at me, takes a step back, and then smiles at me. She then pulls a sheepish look and says, "I'm sorry, I thought you were my dog!"

Then work started. I have to test games systems if people want to sell them to us, and today I had to take in a PlayStation 2. I test the PlayStation 2s with two games: a DVD-format game and a CD-format game. For the latter, I always use a game from the Ford Racing series as they're all CD-based and never sell. So, the game starts to load up, and the loading screen displays a modern and stylised Ford GT, and the words Ford Racing in bold lettering. The couple ooh a bit at this shiny car.

"It's a Lamburgerini!" she said excitedly.
"Shut up yew! Yew eejit! It's a Lotus," snapped her "better half", before turning to me, "I'm sorry 'bout her. She usually don't dabble in what she don't know nothin' bout."

And now I'm at home and I need to shower the crazy off/on. So long as it stops being crazy or I start going crazy, I'll be okay. I just want to fit in for a little while.

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Don't fit in with the the cattle, it's much more amusing being an observer. You could write a clinical study on them, the Borkholder Eejit Encumbrance. It could be brilliant...

Having spent a bit of time in Tacoma... I can so see it!

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