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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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A Work In Progress
Ickle Cute Thing
[02:44:25] Jusquun: http://swankyfunk.livejournal.com/1053813.html?thread=3828597#t3828597
[02:46:28] Shephard Saltzman: Hmm.
[02:46:43] Shephard Saltzman: So then what about someone's bass line coming through his bedroom wall?
[02:46:55] Shephard Saltzman: Just one part of the music.
[02:47:53] Shephard Saltzman: Would it be soothing, something to sustain him while he slept? Or would it be maddening, like being near a feast when you're hungry? Or would it be bitter, like a recipe with only one or two of the ingredients?
[02:49:23] Jusquun: I'd envisage him making a meal while it happened and adding his own beats, hitting pots and pans with cutlery to entertain himself. Or if he was that obsessive, he'd know the song from the thumping bassline alone and sing along.
[02:50:05] Jusquun: I think it'd be a resource to build on, certainly not perfect, but definitely a good foundation.
[02:51:10] Shephard Saltzman: Mm, how about if the bassline could be one of three songs, all of which have nigh-identical bass sections?
[02:51:41] Shephard Saltzman: Until about 0:42 into the song, when something happens that uniquely identifies which song it is. "Ahhh, it was THIS all along."
[02:52:28] Jusquun: Then he gets a choice, even more exciting, and if he is wrong, he just changes tack seamlessly, like a man who gets on the wrong train for work but seamlessly integrates it into a part of the day and still gets to work early.
[02:52:48] Shephard Saltzman: Mmm
[02:53:05] Shephard Saltzman: Unfortunately, I think I have to pull the "it's 6am" card and fall asleep right here.
[02:54:36] Jusquun: I'm doing the same kind of thing here. I'm stealing this conversation and adding it to the collection of work in progress, which would amount to... that LJ comment and this conversation.
[02:55:59] Shephard Saltzman: I'll keep this brewing in the back of my head.
[02:56:22] Jusquun: Yes. Ideas are appreciated.
[02:56:23] Shephard Saltzman: I can see him trying to turn traffic noise and conversations into melody, if needed.
[02:56:42] Shephard Saltzman: Starting to time his steps to land on the half-beat of the steps of the person next to him.
[02:56:51] Shephard Saltzman: With little flourishes now and then.
[02:56:56] Jusquun: I saw it as him using a bus at night and seeing different lanes illuminate and cars going past at the speed of the song, seeing something to link his music to.
[02:57:31] Jusquun: And running for buses unsuccessfully because his steps have to match the BPM of the song at that point in time.
[02:58:24] Jusquun: But until then, he needs a name and a title. I can't work without a title. Just one of those things. Mind you, I seldom work even if I formulate a title. So... yeah.