Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Entertainment In Any Harsh Environment

Interviewer: What would you be if you weren't a footballer?

Peter Crouch (left in picture): A virgin.

England were apparently mediocre in their final game and so do not qualify for Euro 2008, the tournament for the best sixteen teams in Europe. Our team needed a passion, and we had a manager who displayed very little true passion himself. Whether that trickled down to the players, we'll never know, but passion is the cornerstone of anything English, especially anything to do with sporting events. Once we start to get involved in conversations about talent or technical ability, we'll keep quiet, but passion - we're chest-thumpingly proud. You won't see the cross of St. George up and about unless a sporting occasion is occurring.

I remember when I was younger that I was once told this: "If you don't care about football, you're not English." McClaren has somehow sapped that energy, that mindless optimism that all football fans usually have, dousing a sense of realism into every opportunity.

Key picture of the night to state the lack of passion involved:

We've had players bust their heads open playing for England. Our manager doesn't even want to get wet.

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